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  1. Scraped underneath fender + fender liner.

    Hey all, Been going through it and today pulling out of a parking lot I scraped underneath my front right fender and damaged some plastic as well with what looks like the side skirt and fender liner. Everything else with the car is fine, but I was really distracted and not present while driving...
  2. Leak underneath car?

    This post is very barebones right now because I am at work and I only noticed this dripping in the work garage right before my shift. I decided to check under the car since I had an outstanding spot in my driveway at home. It’s a shitty picture but it appears to be dripping from the front...
  3. FS: OEM wheels + Winter tires (DC/MD/VA)

    This is more of an interest post because idk who wants to buy already mounted winter tires during the summer, but I am moving cross country this year and don’t want to bring these with me and I’m trying to lose dead weight for traveling. I’m selling all 4 OEM 3.0 two tone wheels with Michelin...
  4. Passenger rear toe arm issue

    So I got an alignment today after my springs settled in at a shop different than the one that installed them. Over time while the springs settled the car developed a slight drift to the right, my front right and left toe were out of spec and aligned properly today. However when the tech at this...
  5. Elden Ring

    I'm on playstation. Does anyone here play it? I need help with a certain boss.
  6. Advice with lowering

    I’m finally going to lower the car soon and this will be my first time, with any car. It will probably be on H&R or RSR down springs (not superdowns). I just had a few questions. To maximize handling benefit (obviously in lieu of superior coilovers lol), do you guys think I should adjust...
  7. SPL rear traction arms

    Those of you who have them installed, have you seen a significant improvement? How does the car feel after? What else have you done to suspension? Just trying to get an idea of effectiveness
  8. WTB: OEM 21+ Brake Calipers

    Just curious if anyone has a set of red calipers they’re willing to let go of, ideally from someone who swapped to a BBK. I thought of painting them yellow or black but I’m back and forth between that and considering just settling for red at this point.
  9. Frostguard / Winter windshield cover

    Has anybody here used a frostguard or similar cover for their windshield? I wake up at 5 for work and was looking into getting one of these for the upcoming months. No mention of it on the forums I believe. I want to get an idea of the effectiveness, sizing, et cetera
  10. Foggy headlights (?)

    I noticed the other day my headlights consistently remain foggy in this colder weather. On first inspection when lights are off the headlight assemblies appear completely clear aside from exterior marks or dust. However when the lights come on they’ve been looking like this. I believe the...
  11. Does anyone remember this Porsche commercial?

    I’m asking because there are many here older than I am and I remember discovering it on youtube in the last few years. I’m curious if anyone recalls seeing it televised. I always appreciate the effort that went into it
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  13. Nail in tire w/o air loss

    Lo and behold after driving through yet another long stretch of construction I found a nail in my driver side front tire, ironically after posting about it yesterday. There’s no air pressure loss right now and I drove on it a little before realizing it was there. I’d like to take it to a toyota...
  14. Backup camera off center..?

    Noticed this after coming home from work. I have a few bumps on my commute but nothing crazy that I would attribute to literally adjusting the camera in its housing. Anybody have this issue? I went outside to check the camera lens and I want to say it’s off directionally but i can’t be sure...
  15. SunTek PPF edge lifting

    I recently had front end ppf applied. Because of the sculpted nature of the front end, a significant portion was cut to fit. It’s been ~4 days since picking up the car and I notice a particular edge lifting under the nose where it meets the grill. Initially it was more than these 2 small...
  16. PPF options in NOVA

    I’m looking for a good PPF shop in the DMV area in general tbh. I tried searching for a few but one place I wanted to go is booked out for a while and I’d like to protect the car asap. I tried the search function but there’s a lot of hits, not much in this section.