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  1. 2021 Noct black with 5k miles at dealer

    If anyone is looking this one is just down the street from me and they lowered the asking price 5k. I can go take a look at the dates to see if its tunable.
  2. PDR shop in SWFL?

    Can anyone recommend a good pointless dent removal shop in Southwest Florida? Seems some ass hole put a very small crease in my quarter panel with their door, just noticed it, want it gone ASAP. Thanks!
  3. Nashville TN or Charlotte, NC dealer for recall service?

    Has anyone had a successful recall interaction with a dealer around the Nashville area?
  4. 2021 Supra 3.0 Premium $60k

    Reposting my 2021 (Tunable) 3.0 premium. I'm going to buy an A91 edition manual so I'm posting this to sit for the right buyer if I don't trade it. Current Miles - 9,200. Will go up, but not much. This is a garage queen weekend car. 3 oil changes so far, changed factory oil after purchased...
  5. FS: MkV full carbon front lip spliter. (Pick up only due to fragility)

    For sale is the LG Heritage Supra full carbon front lip. This is a high quality and aggressive lip if you're looking to clean up the front end gap. This is the same one featured on the Heritage edition Supra at SEMA, not a rexspeed or Alibaba knock off. lip has minor handling blemishes from...
  6. SOLD

    Mods delete
  7. C&C Nashville Supra owners

    I don't ever see Supras out in the wild in Nashville and today I saw 5 at C&C and a yellow one at capital view. Was a good day. :headbang:
  8. Does anyone actually have a wing/spoiler/trunk lip IN STOCK?

    I'm trying to find a supplier who actually has a product in stock and ready to ship. Is anyone aware of a company who has spoilers, trunk lips, wings in stock? Thanks in advance!
  9. VFMBX10

    Any photos or pricing of VFMBX10 supra fitment? 19x9 19x11 Or 20x9 20x11
  10. Rexspeed GT wing or similar in stock?

    Does anyone know or have ordered the Aimgain GT wing knock off from a vendor that actually had it in stock and delivered it quickly? I'm trying to not to order one from overseas or from a vendor that's just going to drop ship it and make me wait 6 weeks.
  11. Supra soiler from rendering ever go on sale?

    Did this rendering of an MKV wing ever hit the market?
  12. Verus AOS Consensus? (It work?)

    All, what is the consensus on the Verus AOS? Does it actually prevent the reported build up of oil from the Intake? Iā€™ve been searching and have not seen where anyone was able to confirm the Verus AOS functions as intended. I did see that Catch Cans seemed to provide no benefit so Iā€™m avoiding...
  13. Heritage or Seibon wing visibility?

    Does anyone have a Heritage or Seibon Carbon wing on their car that can give me some insight into rear window obstruction? Looking to buy one, but have some concerns as to how small the rear window already is and how visibility gets taken up by one. Thanks in advance! Example wing link here.
  14. E-85 flex fuel reliability check.

    Those of you on ECUTEK flex fuel set ups who now have some miles...any issues or words of caution? I'm looking at going with a visconti custom tune and downpipe and trying to make the RELIABLE sauce on an E-blend. Just wanting to know from anyone who is already there if there's thing to look...