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  1. Supra Brake Assist Engine Recall

    Ditto, lost mine but I’m the only one who drives it, didn’t notice anything else.
  2. Supra Brake Assist Engine Recall

    Does anyone know if the ECU update was an excuse to lock the ECU, or is that just interweb/socialmedia ???
  3. Supra Brake Assist Engine Recall

    Any update, got mine booked in later next week.
  4. Spotted

    Yellow Supra southbound on A666, just before Farnworth/Kearsley slip road yesterday afternoon, 17/10/21.
  5. A90 Edition Owners Thread

  6. A90 Edition Owners Thread

    This area is near the centre of British isles, Trough/Forest of Bowland, good for a meet some day? Suggested route is clockwise northern loop, anticlockwise southern loop.
  7. First Service

    Great Picture, looks similar to a MkIV I saw in the workshop when I picked my MkV up in September 2019, although that was tuned to 700HP. Had mine serviced this week, 2 years and 4,681 miles, although its got to go back on Saturday to correct the service intervals. The Speedo has been reset to...
  8. A90 Edition Owners Thread

    No idea of paint match, , hoping it will only need doing after at least 10 years, preferably a lot longer. 50 shades of grey, like my hair? Thanks to our crap roads glad I got a full ppf @Sunstorm Why the question if you’ve had it ppf’d?
  9. Carplay

    Congrats and enjoy the car. A few of us, at least 2, are going to the MR2 National day at Hatton Park, CV35 8XA on Sunday, 11/7/21, if your doing now't on Sunday, well before the footie.
  10. Cumbria Classic & Motorsport - Toyota Celebration

    Could possibly attend on Sunday, 22/8/21, will know for definite later this month.
  11. First Service

    Is that on trip meter or screen menu?
  12. New Limited Edition 3.0l in UK

    Even the initial A90's got the 1/90 label even though only 24 came to UK, minor gripe, the 90 referred to the allocation for Europe including the UK.
  13. First Service

    Yesterday, 1st July, both service and oil change lights start flashing, amber triangle on dash, built in June 2019 although didn't get the car until September 2019, so would have thought first service due September 2021. Initial Oil & filter change done at 1200 miles in June 2020, current...
  14. Fullscreen Apple Carplay

    How do you find out what version you've got?
  15. What's the longest road trip you've taken in Supra?

    250 - 300 miles, say 4-6 hrs, break halfway, see below, cruise at 2000-2250 rpm, 70-85+mph, getting 30+mpg. No aches or pains, that includes coming from the misses, although my eyes are knackered due to new glasses:lol: ? in rear resting head between speakers
  16. Blenheim Palace GR owners club

    Hi Mark, Is this still on or has it succumbed to Covid restrictions? There have been no updates on GR Yaris forum.
  17. PPF

    Got mine done March 2020, full Xpel PPF, for just over double the cost of your front end quote. see Paint protection, father & son owners, I think he's north of the border.
  18. 10 Year warranty announced (UK)

    Toyota launches groundbreaking 10-year warranty The ‘Relax’ programme covers new and used Toyota and Lexus vehicles, with the scheme applying retrospectively to second-hand models
  19. UK Sales

    I just sold my LCI M2 DCT yesterday, and while it was relatively rare, you did still see a good few out and about. Funnily enough got offered a M2 from a Toyota dealer yesterday, I declined.
  20. UK Sales

    Like to see Q1 2021 sales! Due to be publish late July