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  1. Intake Manifolds

    Understood! Consider me 1st in line please!
  2. Intake Manifolds

    I'm interested. can you PM me pictures?
  3. Best intake manifold for supra mkv

    There's thread here somewhere that lists all the ones available. Start there.
  4. $325.00 oil change???

    Idk what you did wrong hommie. I cracked my filter housing open after draining the oil and fill cap was off. Didn't get a single drop anywhere. Though it was pretty damn hot.
  5. $325.00 oil change???

    The oil change on this car couldn't be any easier. You don't even have to remove the belly pan, and you can do It by jacking up only one side of the car and using a single jack stand. I also am provided complementary beer in my driveway, and I think I paid $65 for my last Liquid Molly oil change...
  6. Auto Trunk Support Lifts

    I was able to solve this problem in case anyone is looking for a similar solution. Have attached photo of trunk open all the way as proof. Rather than buy and install a one off shock in my Supra. I bought a Sequoia platnium as a second vehicle and now just drive that when I need to put junk in...
  7. Front lip which fits into stock bumber

    I have one of the LG Heritage full carbon front lips just sitting in my office ceramic coated but never mounted. I won't ship to EU, but if anyone state side wants it I'll give you a deal on it. I'm in Southwest Florida. LG Heritage Supra front lip
  8. A90 Catted Downpipe Warranty

    Generally speaking...its not the DP that will void, it's the accompanying tune. Though at the end of the day it's up to the dealer to decide and they can't say for example your power seat going out won't be under warranty because you have a DP.
  9. Moving to Fl.

    Didn't considereal the gulf coast?!
  10. THIS Is the Manual Toyota Supra [Official Release]

    Direct....from? I'm assuming you work at a dealership or for the manufacturer. You don't need to disclose who but it would be interesting to know if this SETF confirmed information or not, and dealer or manufacturer confirmed?
  11. Moving to FL

    Yea TN is great. I was in Nashville and loved it, but the ocean kept calling me.
  12. Moving to FL

    I'm in the area you're looking. It's expensive and the job market sucks. I'm remote so praying to God that work situation doesn't change because there isn't much for work here. But the water is amazing If you're into that and lots of stuff to see and explore all within 3hrs. Here's my advice...
  13. Is anyone going to sell their tan seats if they get the manual Supra?

    🤣🤣🤣 I'll go buy a 911 or GT4 if these cars jump into that price range.
  14. 2021 Supra 3.0 Premium $60k

    Bumping this back up as I intend to buy an A91 special edition manual. I may just trade the car, but wanted to give someone else to chance at a clean tunable 21.
  15. Is anyone going to sell their tan seats if they get the manual Supra?

    Nah. I'm actually into the tan. Though I will likely swap the wheel. Not crazy about that being tan. This is all assuming I can actually find a dealership to give me a manual A91 for MSRP.
  16. What interior cleaner do you use and recommend?

    I've found these products to be cost effective, easy to use, and deliver great results. 1. The Meguiars I use to clean the interior, screens, plastic, etc.. leaves no sheen, just cleans to a factory look. 2. The Griots does a phenomenal job conditioning the leather and bringing back that...
  17. THIS Is the Manual Toyota Supra [Official Release]

    Yes, it can be disabled.
  18. THIS Is the Manual Toyota Supra [Official Release]

    So I was completely on the fence about getting a manual. I figured I like my Noct black enough and the Auto is just fine....but when I read Matte White and cognac interior...I was sold. Will start finding a dealer to let me put a deposit down on one today. If anyone knows of one in SWFL...
  19. Snow foam pictures… why?

    I don't mind them. 🤷‍♀️
  20. Switching to Manual from Auto version?

    This 100%. I went from an STI to the Supra after test driving M3/4 manuals. BMW hasn't made a great stick shift car in many years.