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  1. 10 Year warranty announced (UK)

    Toyota launches groundbreaking 10-year warranty The ‚ÄėRelax‚Äô programme covers new and used Toyota and Lexus vehicles, with the scheme applying retrospectively to second-hand models
  2. UK Sales

    For those interested, below, courtesy of the DVLA, GR Supra's registered in the UK since the launch. Make Model 1 2020 Q4 UK 2020 Q3 UK 2020 Q2 UK 2020 Q1 UK 2019 Q4 UK 2019 Q3 UK 2019 Q2 UK TOYOTA SUPRA 1 10 1 6 7 6 14 TOYOTA SUPRA A90 AUTO 1 1 2 21 TOYOTA SUPRA AUTO 1...
  3. New Limited Edition 3.0l in UK
  4. Spotted

    Today a Yellow Supra on A675.
  5. Toyota Name Badge on Boot (Trunk)

    Is it only in the UK/Aus where the Toyota name badge has been put above the SUPRA badge? Although last night I did notice a video on Utube (Aus?) where they removed the Toyota name, looks a lot better without it.