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  1. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Looks great! Love the sticker too!
  2. A91 factory mounted spoiler flaw

    I’m an engineer that works extensively with composites & plastics. I doubt this will completely go away once unloaded. Under stress, polymers exhibit what’s called creep over time (metals do this too but only at high temperatures ). My guess is they will have to replace the hatch to fix this...
  3. Carplay has disappeared

    Scratch that. Came back about 15 min later and it was there. Good news!
  4. Carplay has disappeared

    So just checked my 2020 and while I now get prompted to enable CarPlay, it’s still not showing up on the media panel... I tried adding though the iOS menu too and no luck. Strange.
  5. Carplay has disappeared

    Just got off the phone with corporate Toyota and they did admit that it is a known problem and many owners are experiencing this. She said they do not yet have a fix and just advised me to go to the dealer. Obviously, there is no point in going to the dealer yet.
  6. Carplay has disappeared

    I’m thinking you never actually lost CarPlay (probably got stuck on Supra Connect). This was one of the first things I tried and it did nothing for me.
  7. Carplay has disappeared

    If I’m understanding what you did, this used to happen to me about once every two weeks- It would switch over to Supra Connect for some reason and I would have to go back and switch it. But this is different. On my car, I don’t see CarPlay or Supra Connect. It’s just gone.
  8. Carplay has disappeared

    This is funny, looks like MS added CarPlay to Teams today. I do have a corporate phone and we use Teams. Can’t possibly be this though.
  9. Carplay has disappeared

    Same here! Wasted better part of an hour messing with this. Had my oil change notice appear today as well and even cleared that out thinking it may have been a bug...
  10. Oil getting in the spark plugs?

    Wow! Second set of plugs on a 2020 seems a bit extreme! Did you torque them down properly?
  11. Oil getting in the spark plugs?

    I’m thinking anti-seize too
  12. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    I have serious concerns about the quality control on the new Vette. Saw one last weekend and it looked amazing and the specs are great. But this is a major redesign and I’d bet it takes a couple years for them to get the worst of the bugs worked out. One thing I really like about the Supra is...
  13. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I pulled my passengers seat out to clean the Belgian Triple beer that sprayed from the can after It rolled out of the grocery bag and under the seat.. smelled horrible and totally sucked. Lesson learned- put groceries in the hatch and secure it.
  14. Driving Mode Poll: Which mode do you guys drive your Supras the most? Normal or Sport?

    Sport mode exclusively. Only time it comes off is when my oldest daughter asks for “sporty” mode to go off when I’m dropping her off at school (wants it quiet). As an engineer, yes, the engine/tranny are seeing higher stresses in sport mode. But isn’t this why you bought it? Sports cars are...
  15. Test Drives?

    I was able to test drive. What really blew me away was that bc of the damn virus, I was allowed to take it without the salesman! He just recommended a route, pulled it around and handed me the keys.
  16. Need some advice and a push

    Wow, couldn’t disagree more. I think the BMW controls are great, wireless CarPlay is fantastic, decent seats, etc.. But, I see you also posted that you were considering “rejecting” the car based on the sound system. To me, if I wanted a ton of luxury and a perfect sound system, you don’t buy a...
  17. Need some advice and a push

    Had the same thoughts on my first drive. The visibility in the car sucks when backing up/ changing lanes but the drivers assist makes this much better IMO. I have some issues with seeing stop lights if I’m the first car but I’m also 6’5” which doesn’t help - but it’s very comfortable otherwise.
  18. 2021 Stock: 91 or 93 octane?

    If your driving “spirited” and the air temps are high (i.e. summer) I would think there could be some benefit to 93 as their is less of a chance the timing will need to be trimmed back.
  19. #FAIL - Viper takes out my launch edition #1049

    Ugh! Man I feel for you! Can’t imagine dealing with the immediate aftermath of this either. I’m sure the cops assumed you two were racing. Hopefully the skid marks from the Viper made the situation obvious...
  20. Did I Get a Good Deal?

    I think that’s a really good deal. Is that for 12k /year?