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  1. What will the FT-1 be called? Supra trademark revived by Toyota!

    Toyota better bring a sub-86 considering Honda is supposedly thinking of bringing the small S660 roadster to the US now. Toyota would need something to compete with it.
  2. BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Concept

    But is this actually built on a whole new platform? I don't remember reading that it was.
  3. The Rumor Thread - 2017 debut of the Supra and more details

    This! There's some outlandish crap in there LOL. It's like let's throw whatever we can against the wall and see what sticks. Sucks that bunk articles like that actually get picked up and reported on by blogs. I mean cmon.. based on i8 platform? Unless they've all the sudden decided to turn...
  4. Alfa Giulia

    Alfas aren't cheap in general so I wouldn't expect this to undercut the M3 price, which actually starts at a reasonable $62k. The fact that the Alfa won't have a broad dealer network also means it will be much more exclusive though. I'm all for more competition so it's good to see another...
  5. This is the All-New 2016 Mazda MX-5 [24 Photos / Updated]

    Mazda's and its gram strategy for weight reduction is really impressive. Perfect 50:50 balance too, what a platform... I saw the other day rumor that they are building the Fiat 124 off of this chassis.
  6. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    Welcome to the site about time one of these threads was started. Good first post too. Love that GT500 what a monster!! Great license plate too :rofl: It's gonna be a very different car than the Supra.
  7. How will the 86 and Supra MKV affect each other?

    Issue is are there enough Miata sales to steal and still make a business case for the sub-86. Of course one could also the counter-argument that Miata sales don't forecast the entire pool of buyers who potentially want a small 2 seat RWD roadster. There could just be people who don't want/like...
  8. Article - Akio Toyoda's Sports Car (and FT-1 Supra) Problem

    Damn MKIV Supras didn't sell that well at all compared to previous generations. I woulda guessed it had much higher sales than that.
  9. MKV Toyota Supra Dimensions / Specs leaked in Best Car Magazine

    With the Supra positioned above the FR-S in the lineup I doubt it'll have a shorter wheelbase or be a smaller car. It'll likely have a longer wheelbase.
  10. Toyota RND Concept teased ahead of January 26 reveal

    Where? I haven't seen any new hype except the concept cars that they show at the car shows.
  11. Toyota FT-1 concept & A90 Supra design dissected

    They made it a point to call it FT-1 to signal the future of their design. I think this is the one that will be "cloned" if they build more sports cars.
  12. Will the 2017 Supra use carbon fiber?

    A combination of materials is best. That's why the hood usually gets the CF treatment while the body panels remain aluminum or light weight/high strength steel. It's less complicated for safety and cost reasons.
  13. FT-1 Toyota Sketches

    I actually like his final result even more than the concept. It's got that sinister edge to it, maybe it's the color. Great job.
  14. Toyota RND Concept teased ahead of January 26 reveal

    “Full details of the RND concept will be announced next week, but ahead of the official unveiling I can say that this is something we are proud of and that will make a valuable contribution to the world we live in.” This has green/eco car all over it...
  15. Toyota RND Concept teased ahead of January 26 reveal

    The fact it's being unveiled in the UK makes me think it's some kind of smaller city car.
  16. MKV Toyota Supra Dimensions / Specs leaked in Best Car Magazine

    It's now been confirmed that this is a Z3 riding on the Toyota-BMW platform, not Z5.
  17. Toyota Press Release: FT-1 Concept Coming to Gran Turismo 6 on January 14

    MKIV heavier than I would have guessed! If the MKV Supra ends up lighter that'll be an accomplishment and a weight I'd be happy with. 3000lbs is too ambitious i think..
  18. Mustang vs FT1 Supra

    Think so? I dont know. I don't think it is out of the question for the MKV supra turbo to come with 500+ horses. There's no question about weight to,the mustang is a porker.
  19. Self driving cars

    That's not all they're going to do. They'll also be able to drive you around the track lol No more:drive: Seen this? Automated RS7 driving on the track
  20. Toyota FT-1 concept & A90 Supra design dissected

    That's the figure everyone's been quoting. But the current size is fine by me already so either way is cool. Concept styling is pretty much perfect but I expect it to get a major toning down. Just please keep the designers of the Mirai hydrogen car away from this beauty. Just let the CALTY...