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  1. BMW Oil and Brake Fluid

    For engine oil, you could go with either 0w-20 or 0w-30 BMW Twin Power Turbo full synthetic. I usually get the full oil service package from ECS tuning. They have tons of different oils for the Supra. Here’s a link to oem BMW Brake fluid also from ECS. It’s just a Dot 4 fluid
  2. Brake Fluid service @ 10k miles????

    I went ahead and ordered a brake fluid tester on amazon for less than $20 Here. I threw some batteries in it and went out to the garage. I had some old crappy brake fluid from a previous fluid change on another vehicle, so I tested the tester and it seemed to be accurate with the old fluid. I...
  3. Brake Fluid service @ 10k miles????

    Just got this message in the beginning of this month. Original owner 2020 with a build date of 6/19 and at 9,100 miles but I’m just at the 36 month mark. I opened the cap to the fluid reservoir and the fluid was at the correct level but has a yellowish hue to it. I plan to get ahold of some test...
  4. Is There a Good Guide on Removing Calipers?

    I use vise-grips to pinch the rubber part of brake lines when changing calipers. Still have to bleed system after install but this method only allows a small amount of air into line. Only pinch to the thickness of line minus inner diameter
  5. FS: Gloss Carbon/black Toyota badges front and rear

    Also, I should mention these have tabs on the backs that fit into holes on the car. Once you remove oem badges and backing plates, the holes become visible. It’s physically impossible to misalign these on the car.
  6. FS: Gloss Carbon/black Toyota badges front and rear

    They have what appears to be a pretty quality layer of clearcoat, along with uv resistance. Definitely an upgrade over oem especially if they were cracking like my originals were
  7. FS: Gloss Carbon/black Toyota badges front and rear

    I ordered these on ebay before the thic whips badges became available, but received them after the thic whips badges arrived at my house. I ended up putting the thic whips badges on and no longer need these. These are custom made to order and took almost 2 months to come. They cost me $255...
  8. “What’s the deal with all the 370 Z’s flex’n on me!”

    Curious about this. I would think the Supra is faster in a roll race. Maybe not from a dig due to the wrx being awd. Is he built? Are you stock? I’ve had different experiences with subies I’ve encountered
  9. Air Fresheners?

    I can smell this post
  10. Vehicle key battery empty message

    After 2 years of using the same key fob I started seeing the message “Vehicle key Battery Empty” upon startup of the car. Around the same time I noticed my fob would occasionally not open the trunk or unlock doors etc. when the buttons were pressed on remote. I swapped the battery from my other...
  11. Driving Mode Poll: Which mode do you guys drive your Supras the most? Normal or Sport?

    Set bimmercode to always start in sport individual and set sport individual to engine and trans in sport, steering and suspension in normal. Noticed a definite decrease in mpg from 20 when in normal down to 17 when only in sport. This was clocking actual mileage in between fueling
  12. I accidentally pressed my push to start button twice

    Negative, though I do enjoy popcorn occasionally. From day one the car has done this whether in normal or sport on warm starts. And I got it brand new in October 2019
  13. I accidentally pressed my push to start button twice

    Whether the car is in Normal or Sport, my warm startups sound like a gun range
  14. I accidentally pressed my push to start button twice

    Referring to the reason OP pushed the start button twice in the first place, it would be nice to have a quiet warm start option. For like when you’re in a crowded gas station and you’re finished pumping then go to leave and everyone thinks the gas station is exploding and they run for cover
  15. NHTSA Recalls (Aug 3, 2021) - Remedy Available

    Bummer! This recall is going to have to ride the bench until if/when I sell the car
  16. NHTSA Recalls (Aug 3, 2021) - Remedy Available

    What about ECUs that were unlocked and did not require a bench unlock? I am tuned by Botti on Ecutek and I never physically removed my ECU to be unlocked. He was able to unlock and tune via email
  17. Sport Display with Tune

    Definitely need to dyno it for real power. After doing catless downpipe, intake, and stage 2 ots ecutek tune my max hp and tq according to the screen are 370/370 which I highly doubt is accurate.
  18. ZF upshift burps

    Let’s talk about that lovely sound the Supra makes when upshifting under certain conditions. Anyone here know exactly under what circumstances the exhaust will let out that aggressive upshift noise? My brother-in-laws GT AMG will let them out at just about any throttle position in any gear. With...
  19. Skipped Cold Start

    I can say this has occurred for me at least 2 separate times. Both times were after having owned the car for over a year and a half and having over 5000 miles. Also after being tuned on Ecutek. I can’t remember if it ever happened while stock, but I doubt it. Both times the car had been sitting...
  20. AMS Performance Stainless Steel Race Downpipe Opinions?

    I have it. I liked the gradual taper to eliminate bottlenecking. Sounds a bit louder on startup and you can hear the turbo while driving. The smell from having the windows down while stopped is a little overpowering but I don’t mind. Definitely get a new gasket before installing. Don’t reuse the...