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  1. C&D: Supra vs Z vs M240 vs Mach 1

    It has more presence than in pictures and videos. I wasn't sold on the car either, in fact I'd dismissed it and was shopping for other cars, then I saw one in person, and was sold. It's the ass.
  2. C&D: Supra vs Z vs M240 vs Mach 1

    If we don't go all electric, you might be right on your first comment. This article is comical as well. It blows the doors off everything we stacked against it, but it's not a "pure sports car".
  3. C&D: Supra vs Z vs M240 vs Mach 1

    This was their way of appeasing the "Anti-Zupra" crowd. They couldn't admit that it was in fact the best car of these 4. Sometimes I think they shouldn't have called it a Supra at all. It looks more like the original 2000GT than a Supra anyways. You could look at this article as a big win...
  4. C&D: Supra vs Z vs M240 vs Mach 1

    I always get tired of this comment: Lows: Claustrophobic cabin, highest base price, no manual (yet). Good luck finding any of the other cars at "base price" with no options. ... and in Canada at least, the MACH 1 costs a couple K more than a 3.0 Premium, not that it's a significant amount...
  5. Complete loss of throttle

    Overheating maybe.
  6. NHTSA Recalls (Aug 3, 2021) - Remedy Available

    I had to double check I wasn't signed in to the Camry forum.
  7. Costco Gas

    Filling up at Costco where I live works out to about a Happy Meal for free. They sell 91 for the same price as everyone sells 87.
  8. Closed exhaust flap (right side) when not in sport mode

    I never noticed that the exhaust did that, but I don't think I've ever really looked. I think I will do this though.
  9. NHTSA Recalls (Aug 3, 2021) - Remedy Available

    Recall done, no problems with ECU, had to reset a couple minor things, but most settings seemed to carry over. It was the first one they'd done. My guess is bricked ECUs are being done by guys not following the instructions ... also NAV was fine. Seat of the pants dyno from an 80km drive...
  10. Cold brakes noise

    Yes, every day. Garage stored (wet or dry) ... and yes, it kind of does sound like a horn.
  11. $325.00 oil change???

    This was what I paid. Probably the book values.
  12. ECU update

    So you can still tune after the recall has been done? I thought it was locked "forever"?
  13. Front collision avoidance system.

    I've never had this engage on my car. I must be set to late. I've never noticed any lane departure stuff work either .. the only odd thing it has done is I tried reversing with the door open and it kept slamming on the brakes and putting itself in to park.
  14. Official PHANTOM MATTE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    Brace yourself for this horror show ... not for the squeamish. Right below the headlight.
  15. Official PHANTOM MATTE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    Anyone ever actually touch up a rock chip on phantom? Can you even get touchup from the dealer? I probably shouldn't have gambled without PPF.
  16. Comparison Drive! 2023 Nissan Z Performance vs. 2022 GR Supra 3.0 Premium Review

    This is the level of the intelligence over there. Doesn't seem to realize that functionally from a driving perspective, that an F1 transmission...
  17. Comparison Drive! 2023 Nissan Z Performance vs. 2022 GR Supra 3.0 Premium Review

    The guy in the comments who said it would be more fair to compare the base Z and the 2.0l made me laugh even harder. The irony is that in some situations the 2.0l would still probably win out over that open diff unbalanced car. Can't wait for those comparisons to start popping up. The empathy...
  18. Official PHANTOM MATTE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    I always envisioned a phantom gray as a tie fighter ... ;)
  19. Is the Supra gonna depreciate like the germans? / Expected Depreciation

    It's going to depend on total production numbers. I kept waiting for the 4C to plummet because of dismal sales, and now they are up from their bottom with no signs of ever going down. Missed that ship, now I have a Supra. Time will tell.