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  1. GT4 RS Spoiler

    Is it wrong for me to want this on the Supra?
  2. AWE Foiler

    I can't go this summer with the way this is stock ... what's the best option for us? Want to avoid buying from an American supplier that ends up shipping ground and getting stuck with some $80 in stupid UPS brokerage. Any parts guys in Canada have these in stock? Thanks
  3. ECU Flash/Recall in BC

    Anyone have this done yet? Considering if I should take it to a dealer that's done it before. The dealer I got mine from, it's the only one they've ever sold. Not sure I want to be down a month with a bricked ECU.
  4. Service Plan, did you take it?

    Dealer offered the 4 year service plan for $1600. Claimed it was the same as the rest of the lineup. I normally decline every "extra" and did so by default. I'm considering if it makes sense now because I assume services on this might be a bit higher than your typical Corolla. Anyone else do...