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  1. Easy Way to Display Temperature, Boost, etc.

    I would love this. I should probably get a obd splitter as the jb4 takes it up currently

    Yeah okay, that is actually not that bad. Almost tempting
  3. Supra meet this weekend in So. Cal?

    Shit I might be down for that too
  4. Any 2.0 Owners do the NASA Track Day?

    Ran mine stock except for exhaust. It performed well. Instructor absolutely loved the car because he was able to push it harder than the 3.0
  5. 20'' BBS LM

    I have the reps, in 18x10 because BBS doesn't have them in that size. I could post up if you want to see them.
  6. Function Werk Catless DP CEL

    The intake is okay. It's whatever AEM is coming out with an intake soon, i'm currently running their chargepipe. The benefit with the 2.0 is that almost all the parts are interchangeable from the 3.0. Something that you really don't see on other platforms.
  7. Socal Sightings

    oh...damn tempting
  8. Available Performance Parts for the 2021 2.0L Supra (US Market)

    AEM will be releasing an intake and chargepipe. Soon Im currently running their chargepipe, waiting on a coupler, to start testing the intake.
  9. How do you display your car number?

    Loud and Proud...cuz yolo
  10. The Nocturnal with Bronze/Gold Shoes Thread

    Thanks.....When you grow up on .NFS: Underground
  11. [Wanted Socal] Front lip

    Don't know if I can post this or not (if not feel free to remove). I'm looking for another front lip, I miss having one. I had the LG heritage lip that eventually got completely destroyed. Looking for something that is similar but not exact. Something like the Rexspeed V1 or Seibon. Don't want...
  12. Voltex type 12.5 GT carbon fiber wing

    I like the wing. I think a few inches taller would be cool.
  13. Socal Sightings

    Damn...that sucks... The last was pretty legit from 2-3ish months ago. Didn't have a lot of cop activity.
  14. Carbon Aimgain Style front lip

    I wish shipping wasn't so expensive.
  15. So i finally got the screen mirroring thing figure out..

    what's the details in the screen mirroring? mine has disappeared.
  16. Socal Sightings

    The Malibu Autobahn one? I'm usually at those meets, how many got pulled over?
  17. The Nocturnal with Bronze/Gold Shoes Thread

    I will have to post here soon, when I leave work.
  18. SOLD

    Dang I'm really tempted.