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  1. Clean Air Act & EPA flags?

    There's something common to all of these states with garbage infrastructure. I can't quit put my finger on what that might be... 🤔 If only we knew.
  2. Clean Air Act & EPA flags?

    100% true. Time and time again, people post the bullshit meme that EVs just "outsource" emissions to the power plant. But even in the most dire analyses, the total lifecycle carbon/emissions from an EV is profoundly better than a petrol car. I have zeeeeeero interest in an EV, but I have to...
  3. Reached out to Remnant Performance about the “too good to be true turbo package”

    It's one person. Source: he's a friend.
  4. WTB: SPL Rear Toe, Rear Camber, Front Camber, Tie Rod End

    Still looking for these parts. Bump.
  5. Tinted film on headlights?

    I also have a mild tint on my headlights. Murdered out looked awesome but night driving was scary. The mild VLT reduction of a light tint was unnoticeable, but looks good.
  6. Power upgrade options on pump fuel only

    You'll never find me recommending a meth injection kit. I find they have too many points of failure, too many ways to go wrong, and I refuse to tune such that my engine's very existence depends on a system with that level of complexity. If it doesn't come from the gas tank, I don't want it. The...
  7. Power upgrade options on pump fuel only

    EOS is definitely the way to go. It runs colder, the core design is better, the physical footprint is better. CSF is just... Fine. It's a 1st-gen attempt at Supra manifolds and it shows. If you are going to get a manifold, then you should SKIP all the radiator upgrades. They're not very...
  8. What's the PID for flex fuel tune e%?

    There are standard OBD PIDs for PSIA and PSIG. The Supra broadcasts both and torque picks it up easily. Banks already makes OLED gauges that can pull and display these values over OBD.
  9. 2023 Supra with 530 HP?

    lol slow
  10. Power upgrade options on pump fuel only

    You do want CSF manifold, you do want to use the port injection capabilities in the manifold, you do not want or need the HPFP. You will hit 600+ on this setup. It will be easily accomplished. The power limitations I'm describing above are somewhat independent of fuel. You can reach them with...
  11. 2023 Supra with 530 HP?

    Oh yeah, @zrk ? Explain this:
  12. Hyundai N Vision 74 Is A Hydrogen Hybrid Sports Concept Inspired By Giugiaro’s Pony Coupe

    Every time I see this car, I love it more. It makes my naughty bits tingle.
  13. 2023 Supra with 530 HP?

    LOL what is this bullshit spam website.
  14. Power upgrade options on pump fuel only

    These are the power limiters in order. (Please note for nitpicky sperglords that I'm greatly simplifying and ballparking this for the sake of easier discussion): Stock turbo up to ~500 WHP --> overcome with a turbo upgrade Stock axles up to ~500 WHP --> overcome with DSS axles (this line item...
  15. Power upgrade options on pump fuel only

    Do you consider fuel pump upgrades as "FBO" or no?
  16. What's the PID for flex fuel tune e%?

    @razorlab The Supra also has PIDs for EGT, coolant temp, trans fluid temp. Trying to find out what they are, but OBDLink can read them.
  17. What's the PID for flex fuel tune e%?

    I think it's less complicated than this. 1) The true CAN bus flex fuel solutions for the Supra already tap into CAN and send messages on CAN. Hardware side is done. 2) ECUTek and BM3 already read/support the CAN messages the Zeitronix ethanol box is sending. The software is already using it...