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  1. WTB DSS axles

    Been waiting a little while. Thinking of picking up a used set for cash + my cores. Really a good deal for those that are looking to sell a build or bring back to stock Reach out. Comment or dm!
  2. What do you do for a living?

    I’ve been watching a lot of Daniel ask supercar owners what they do for a living on TikTok. Obviously our Supras aren’t supercars, but we must be doing pretty well off to be able to buy a new sports car; so the big question, what do you do for a living? No numbers please. Don’t make it a dick...
  3. How Much Money in Mods?

    Some will purposefully avoid answering this question for good reason, but I’ve gotta ask you all how much have you stuck into your Supra? Not counting purchase of the car. Mods alone. I’m just now passing the 20,000$ mark and need to keep my head on straight. Let me know what you all got!
  4. What is this thing

    What is this (green clasp for interior) and where do I get more
  5. Glowing Turbo

    Made a trip out to a Mexican industrial park with some friends. We ripped it up and down the strip to speeds of ~110. EVERYONE wanted a ride in the Supra (naturally). I usually give the car a little break between pulls but I didn’t want to park on the strip so I hit runs back to back. 10 pulls...
  6. Active exhaust options?

    Haven’t burnt a drop of oil after making the switch to 0w-30 for about 650 miles now. I’m comfortable enough to start shopping around for an exhaust. I plan to keep stock dp until I can tune (dme locked) then I’m going catless. I want a straight pipe sounds with gunshot pops (thinking of awe...
  7. Anyone with titan dp dyno numbers?

    I'm wanting to go catless on my supra here soon as a cheap way to fix the lack of cracks on the 21, but performance is a great upside aswell. Titan claims 40 hp without a tune / 100 with tune. Can anyone confirm this? I ask because other great vendors will show a lot less as far as hp gains go...
  8. What performance mods for 21 without tune?

    I'm in the process of picking up a 2021 3.0 premium and won't be able to tune as the ecu is locked. I plan to get jb4 but would like some other performance mods aswell. I know tires and running higher octane fuel is possible but what about dp, exhaust, pure 800 etc What can I do to improve the...