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  1. 2 Port and 6 Port Down Pipe differences?

    Some early 2020 downpipes clocked the O2 sensor toward the block a bit too much. It was fine on the 2-port head, but on the 6-port head it places the O2 sensor dangerously close to the exhaust manifold. This was fixed on later versions and "2021" downpipes. I don't believe there's any reason...
  2. Savagegeese puts the Z against Supra

    Yikes, on stock tires it's actually slower than the GR86, that's bad. Even with new tires (from the SG review), the Z's track time is closer to the GR86 than it is to the Supra. So now the narrative shifts again. The Z is not a Supra killer, it's not a straight line car, it's not a track car...
  3. Is it cheesy that I ordered this?

    Yes, but I like it
  4. All-new 2023 Nissan Z makes world debut!

    So slightly stiffer suspension, body kit, red accents in the interior, and wheels for an additional $10-17k ($60-67k total). Possibly more power, but if the 370Z is any indication, the difference will be minimal and it'll still have less power than the Supra.
  5. Savagegeese puts the Z against Supra

    It was a great way to prove their bias, and make literally every subjective "opinion" they hold suspect. I don't believe them for a second that the Z is actually a better driver's car, for example, since they've proven they can't be trusted.
  6. Savagegeese puts the Z against Supra

    Nothing. The problem is that many of the cars are rolling off of the assembly line with the alignment far out of spec. So just bringing the alignment into spec can make a world of difference. My car in particular had a bad shimmy in the rear when hitting bumps, especially while cornering...
  7. Savagegeese puts the Z against Supra

    Lmao - don’t remind me, that was like watching a bad infomercial where the person is incapable of picking up a book without their “new and improved anti slip coating!”, and instead they just fumble it around for 5 minutes like a drunk infant with no thumbs.
  8. Wheel lug torque spec?

    101 ft-lb. Don't remember the size, it's one of the standard metric options.
  9. About to do a spring install loking for latest advise.

    Agreed. I don't know why every install video I watched showed them struggling for 5 minutes to separate the plastic clip. Just ignore the plastic clip and remove the one regular bolt holding the entire assembly to the chassis. Zero risk of damage and it's most likely faster.
  10. Savagegeese puts the Z against Supra

    Sure, and if they were comparing stock vs stock it would have been a valid complaint, but they weren't. They installed hundreds of dollars in parts on the Z to fix known issues (brake pads + fluid), but then turned around and complained about something that costs a few tens of dollars to fix on...
  11. Zacoe Widebody (Limited Production Run) @ DSG Performance

    Not a huge fan of the rest of the kit, it's just too busy IMO, but that wing looks really nice
  12. Getting strangled by seat belt

    If the belt is holding you by your Adam's apple, something is wrong with your seat or belt position. I can't imagine the injuries if you got in an accident that way...
  13. Lamborghini Huracan STO vs Toyota GR Supra

    $55k 380hp 3400lb car versus $330k 630hp 3200lb car. I don’t think anybody is surprised. I think they tried to say something about the Supra being modded, but I couldn’t hear anything over the sound of that hair.
  14. Best time to change oil on daily Supra?

    The issue is how do you define "harsh conditions". That means different things to different people. To the OEM, increasing the power by 50%, keeping it in sport mode all the time with 3k RPM shift points, and blasting up freeway on-ramps is absolutely considered "harsh conditions". To me...
  15. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I did the same with my intake over a year ago, the sensor has been held on with one screw ever since. Our cars run speed density, not MAF, so a leak there doesn't matter other than possibly letting a little unfiltered air through.
  16. Custom MKV Badge and Apparel *Sign-Up*

    Sign me up for an XL hoodie and M sticker
  17. Best time to change oil on daily Supra?

    I did my first change at 1800, and then every 5k after that
  18. What size Tires fit on a lowered Supra?

    I’m currently running 265/35/19 and 295/35/19 RT660s on the stock wheels, HKS Hipermax springs, and 5mm spacers up front (none in the rear). No rubbing or any other issues.
  19. Ride Height Sensor

    I’ve swapped my suspension multiple times and never had an issue. One suggestion - all of the suspension install videos I’ve seen show them prying the plastic clips apart to disassemble the ride height sensor during an install. Screw that, just take a picture of the orientation and then pull...