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  1. BIMMERCode User Guide

    This is really nicely done. It could be helpful to group the coding suggestions by module, so that you capture all changes in one round. I found myself going into Body Domain & Head Unit a few times, but that's my own damn fault
  2. Locked ECU and Bimmercode

    Half your battle can be done for free... deactivate Active Sound
  3. Cruise Control Sensor Calibration - Updated the whole car & locked ECU

    Had front bumper damage from some object bouncing around on the highway. I took it to Toyota's body shop, hoping they'd do a nice job. In ECUTEK, I put the car in valet mode, put a OBD cover stating "do not re-flash, consult owner", and I specifically told them in writing not to re-flash the...
  4. Mishimoto's Catch Can R&D Thread

    Clever. Which valve is that F-139?
  5. Mishimoto's Catch Can R&D Thread

    Just a thought... and this may just be ignorance with the CCV internals (check valve?). I'm wondering if the heat gun application to soften the lines & separate the CCV from the OE hose, could be damaging the CCV functionality... resulting in smoke (overuse of heat by installer?). The guy...
  6. 2021 Suspension Changes

    After having to remove the brace for other engine upgrades, I’ll be tapping these holes. Such a pain to blindly find the bolt to engage the nut
  7. 2021 Suspension Changes

    You’ll need a tap & die set, some lube, and steady hands. Do some YouTube research on tapping hole techniques
  8. Supra Coding Step By Step

    I noticed changing the start up chime to the “i style” softened the super loud parking sensor beeps. Could be a bad thing for some, but found it to be an added bonus.
  9. 2021 Suspension Changes

    Just turn the steering wheel for better reach access
  10. 2021 Suspension Changes

    It’s a thru hole. You’re supposed to drop the bolt with washers in the hole, and install serrated nut through the wheel well. Cusco has forgotten to include this nut in early shipments, but they’re quick to ship you the hardware free of charge.
  11. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    Your site isn’t showing the painted ones available for purchase anymore. When do you expect this option to be back up?
  12. Toyota part numbers for Oil Filter and Special 0w-20 oil

    Not sure if my dealer screwed up, but I got the GR 5L oil for $17 each
  13. Horn Question / Replaced ‘Clown Car’ Horn

    Was there any further guidance that can be shared?
  14. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    Damn!! No love for #1,978 :( Maybe Amazon will carry this in the future
  15. Making my own strut brace

    With this being a custom build to your car & being a solid brace (no bolt attachment for fitment tolerances), it would be interesting to see how it fits other cars (build tolerances with attachment holes). If you need a demo, send me one & I’ll let you know how it fits :)
  16. SPL Parts Rear Toe Links (eccentric lock-out) - anyone tested these?

    I've heard varying stories about the rear toe being out of alignment on our cars from the factory, along with BMWs known to have soft rear bushings (need subframe bushing kits). I happened to find the SPL parts, which may help with a lowered car (I have H&R Springs), but wondering if anyone...
  17. Charge Pipes

    Would be nice if the kit had T-bolt clamps, but I guess they can be ordered separately
  18. Californian Supras

    I got fed up with San Diego dealers’ mark-ups. I got mine from Longo Toyota in LA area at MSRP. Talk to Jeffrey Chang. He’s sold at least 17 with no mark-ups. Well worth the train ride & a fun drive back to town. He’s also an MKIII Supra owner