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  1. Reverse light into 4th Brake light?

    That makes sense! So if I just want it like a fog light then I just need to tap into the line shaped led that only functions as taillights? Which color line is that one? Thnx for the clarifications :)
  2. Reverse light into 4th Brake light?

    Question! Why do you need to tap into the both tail light and 3rd brake light? Is the red LEDs capable to light up brighter when brakes are applied? I thought the red fog leds only light up and that's it, it doesn't go brighter when u brake does it? If it doesn't go brighter than tapping it to...
  3. ArmaSpeed Toyota Supra A90 MK5 Cold air intake

    Because It's not a carbon fiber intake, its just the top cover lol
  4. Toronto GTA mkv Owners

    Hi, We have a mkv supra WhatsApp chat group for mkv owners in the Greater Toronto Area. If you would like to be part of this group please pm your phone #. We also welcome any Canadian mkv owners as well. Thanks!
  5. Exhaust tips

    It's similar style but not the same one as AWE. Also it's a 3inch inlet on these tips, the stock exhaust is not 3 in so these tips won't fit on stock
  6. CTS Turbo Intake Review

    I'm always wondering of any heat soak issues with these open type intakes....
  7. New wheels are on....

    is it lowered?
  8. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    Makes perfect sense! Thanks for sharing. It sounded strange if both were built from new ;)
  9. Endless Projects A90 Supra Build

    Why do you have a less aggressive offset for the meisters compared to the TE37?
  10. TOM'S of JAPAN MKV SUPRA REVEAL - Tokyo Auto Salon

    Isn't the front/side/rear parts made to fit the widebody application? It will look too wide/big if you don't also get the flares right?