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  1. UK Supra - Lightning Yellow 2019 (Stage 3)

    Thanks! I'm hoping so! Yet to meet or even see another A90 owner in the UK. I did have another track day at Oulton Park booked for today but the new Lockdown has put an end to that. Fingers crossed we can have some normailty back come Summer time and get driving again! I'm hoping to do the...
  2. UK Supra - Lightning Yellow 2019 (Stage 3)

    So recived the car yesterday morning on a miserable & wet December day. Just in time for my track day @ Oulton Park! Nothing like timing eh? A few pics of the car. As she got dropped off: The engine bay with the new additions: Filling up on 99 RON Vpower before the track day...
  3. UK Supra - Lightning Yellow 2019 (Stage 3)

    Will do! Car should be back on Wednesday. Oh yeah its crap for driving in the winter.
  4. UK Supra - Lightning Yellow 2019 (Stage 3)

    Dyno Plot. Making 524WHP & 506lb/ft at the wheels. Thats circa 621BHP & 600lb/ft at the flywheel.
  5. UK Supra - Lightning Yellow 2019 (Stage 3)

    Morning mate, I haven't taken delivery of the car back so I couldn't tell you! It will be louder than stock due to the larger piping, it still retains the factory exhuast valve which is a great feature. I'm hoping to have the car back next week sometime. Bad time of year weather wise in the...
  6. UK Supra - Lightning Yellow 2019 (Stage 3)

    Ok so a big update today! The car went off to Garage Whifbitz at the end of Nov for some "stage 3" parts. They had some great Black Friday discounts too so I couldn't resist! So the mods: - Pure 800 Turbo - Forge Heat Exchanger - Forge Oil Catch Can - Cusco Front Strut Bar - HKS Touring...
  7. DSOmegaX Satin Turbulence TRD Supra

    Car looks epic! I haven't seen many in the matt grey getting modified especially with suh good quality parts. Hats off to you!
  8. UK Supra - Lightning Yellow 2019 (Stage 3)

    It’s the Rexspeed carbon insert. I got mine in the UK from Garage Whifbitz.
  9. UK Supra - Lightning Yellow 2019 (Stage 3)

    Mate you are 100% right. The car is 5x112 and the spare 5x120. What a donkey! It seems BMW changed their newer models to 5x112 recently and I’ve unwittingly picked up the wrong size spare. I’ve removed the spare from the car now! Shame as the packaging of the spare is brilliant. I’ll keep my...
  10. UK Supra - Lightning Yellow 2019 (Stage 3)

    A few more snaps. Very impressed with the 0.5 zoom on the iPhone 12 Pro. Makes taking interior pics so easy! Also got my dyno run to upload. You can see my stock run VS the stage 2 run overlayed.
  11. UK Supra - Lightning Yellow 2019 (Stage 3)

    So not too much to report sine the last update mod wise. I did get the car into my good friend at Bespoke Detailing, who gave the car a minor paint correction & ceramic coating with C-quartz finest. The car is absolutely gleaming! Not much correction required as I have tried my best to keep it...
  12. What did you do to your Supra today?

    That carbon roof looks amazing!
  13. Nissan GTR vs Supra

    I disagree. Owned a 2017 GTR, changed it for a 2016 NSX. Light years ahead in chassis and handling dynamics. GTR is old hat now.
  14. EcuTek my 1 Month review

    Going back to the OP. My car (Ecutek, catless downpipe pipe, 437whp) makes the same annoying low rpm, light load vibration/buzzing. Messaged my tuner about it so we’ll see!
  15. UK Supra - Lightning Yellow 2019 (Stage 3)

    Thanks! It's certainly a quality item. I didn;t do the install myself but you can see the 4 silver nuts (2 each side) where the spoiler screws into the boot lid. Included are some clear gel "cushions" that you add to the boot to protect any potential contact too. Very well thought out.
  16. UK Supra - Lightning Yellow 2019 (Stage 3)

    So two more mods have been made. The first isn't technically a mod, more of an accessory tbh. I have been using the Supra alot as a daily and really didn;t like the idea of not having a spare wheel in case of emergancy. I have had some hairy moments where I've popped tyres (motorway at night...
  17. Who has highest mileage?

    Picked mine up last Nov. Currently on 4.5k miles. 2k miles on her since the Ecutek tune too.
  18. Previous Ownership? What did you drive before the Supra?

    Currently own: 2019 Supra 2016 NSX 2011 CRZ Previous: 2017 GTR 2012 C63 coupe 2004 350z 2013 GT86 1993 Supra TT