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  1. Welcome back, Supra

    Look's good. I've always liked the sound of every AWE exhaust I heard. A bit off topic, but out of curiosity, do you still make an exhaust for the 993TT? It is not on your website.

    uk tuner Litchfield said they supposedly dyno tested all the then available intakes a couple months ago, and most lost power. The only thing that made power (a tiny amount) was replacing the dirty factory paper filter with a new one.
  3. Adaptive suspension and coilover question

    Ah ok...pretty misleading product name then. @OP contact Tractive if that’s what you want. They are the absolute best electronic coilovers on the market. Good enough that Porsche guys happily replace their PASM with on even the GT3/RS
  4. Adaptive suspension and coilover question

    The KW has it I think: if you have a bigger budget you can also contact Tractive suspension and ask them to build you one. They’re used to BMWs. They are the highest quality by a mile.
  5. 2021 B58

    Twisted is talking about exhaust not intake
  6. 2021 B58

    Which B58 is 2021 using? The press release says new manifold with 6 exhaust ports instead of 2? Seems like a lot of big turbo R&D down the drain... Anybody know if this is a new engine code or whether they switched back to B58B?
  7. Supersprint Downpipes and Exhaust

    Still can’t get over how shit the welds look at that price
  8. Blown motor

    Hi Dreihundert, any updates on your kit? do you have a website?

    Because that’s the area you give up when going to a larger turbo! Any larger turbo will always spool slower than stock unless the upgrade was to something with significantly lighter components (which this isn’t). So you always have to pay attention to the area lost to better analyse whether...
  10. 2020 Litchfield Tuned Supra vs Mustang GT - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST (Carwow)

    European cars have a “gas particulate filter” in the mid pipe. Kind of like a diesel. So I think they just smash it out
  11. BREMBO front Big Brake Kit, GT series for SUPRA A90

    What's the difference in weight between the GT-1 and GT calipers? Other than the weird shape of the GT-1. Is it purely aesthetic? I remember Brembo hyped them up when they first came out, but never said anything about tech specs vs the GT.
  12. Twisted Tuning A90/2020+ Toyota Supra B58 Stage 1/2 Modular Catless Downpipes

    Cool. I would definitely be interested. From my point of view (outside the US though), I am failing the annual check up regardless of catted or catless - changes are not allowed. I just want to maximize performance, while not dealing with the smell or the guilt. Also one of the tracks here...
  13. Twisted Tuning A90/2020+ Toyota Supra B58 Stage 1/2 Modular Catless Downpipes

    do you have any plans for a catted version?
  14. 2020 Litchfield Tuned Supra vs Mustang GT - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST (Carwow)

    Isn't that time pretty slow for the Supra? Litchfield claims "473bhp" for this car, which includes a tune, catless downpipe, and GPF delete. Either that claim is ridiculously exaggerated or that was just a very slow time...
  15. Door Garnish

    Please let me know as well once you have more info +1. I would like to figure out some way to utilize the front fake side vents, the clam-shell fake vents (seems unlikely), as well as a replacement for the front grill where the bottom part is not blocked off (the one that was blocked off at...
  16. Catted Downpipe Comparisons

    Is there any data on the performance of the various catted downpipes? There seems to be very little info out there. Wagner Tuning is the only one that as far as I can tell has posted the flow rates comparing their catless, 200 cell, and 300 cell downpipes. @Extreme Power House i noticed you...
  17. Installed catless down pipes , few questions

    At a minimum I would like to see the flow rates. Only Wagner has posted the flow rates for stock, their catted, and their catless. But hard to compare with others since they haven’t posted. Otherwise it’s all just marketing. hopefully twisted tuning comes out with a catted version, because...
  18. Toyota Supra A90 Hits 781HP/900NM @ 300 Dreihundert

    Saw this on your instagram: Any more info?