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  1. Lost Exhaust Noises

    i can confirm the same issue (but only when the car is warmed up) cold engine i still get exhaust burbles
  2. Backup Camera - Not Showing Guidelines

    Don't have this problem, but i'd take it to a dealership and see if they can reset it for you
  3. Metal to metal cracking rattle noise

    Nope, but i will confirm I have the same issue... went to the best dealer i know in NY and the techs have no clue what to do because it's a "new" car
  4. Dealer has my car for 2 weeks now for rear cam recall

    Not much to do in this instance, I would look into a lemon law attorney for advice. Hopefully they have given you a loaner car?
  5. Sport mode question

    If it's actually in sport mode ("sport" will light up on your dash) then it shouldn't really go to 7th or 8th unless youre going 80+ consistently. Not everyone is going to have the same experience as the car will "learn" your driving patterns and adjust. It should not engage to 7th or 8th if...
  6. Performance upgrades that wont void the Warranty

    important to note for people who are about to purchase their cars/extended warranties, dealerships will tell you they honor everything until you bring your car in for service. I would not do anything to the car unless you have a pre-existing record of good relation with the service department
  7. Phantom grey paint protection

    If you get the chance, can you take a picture of that same area with the chip in good lighting? Just curious what it looks like now
  8. New NHTSA recall

    Thanks for the heads up, how do we identify damaged tie rods?
  9. Door weatherstrip torn?

    Call them, more specifically the guy that sold you the car. Sometimes these things require some elbow grease because you're right they don't particularly care anymore since it's not their car. You might need to call a couple times even. I asked for the trunk mat and had to call my dealer 3 times...
  10. Door weatherstrip torn?

    Definitely possible. I would wager it's also possible that the material is just so cheap that any exposure to intense elements would wear them out...I personally did a wax a month into ownership and the strips already looked beaten. This is with my car in a garage pretty much everywhere I go...
  11. Door weatherstrip torn?

    Haven't had this happen to me, but mine do look worn
  12. Steering wheel adjustment

    nvm found it
  13. Possible Defect - Mileage Accumulating w/o no reason

    I notice it, but I think ti's just my own deliberately driving to the furthest bank to withdraw cash
  14. Windshield and chips, so easy with the 2020 and cleaning the Windshield is horrible.

    Most likely OEM as this is not a high volume car. Usually they'll produce their own glass, or maybe have a close partnership with a manufacturer to produce glass for them, for Rav4s, camrys, corollas, accords, etc. etc.
  15. Windshield and chips, so easy with the 2020 and cleaning the Windshield is horrible.

    Funny enough, the outside glass is pretty easy to clean for me. I use a damp and dry towel with meguiar's glass cleaner. I only have trouble with the inside portion of the windshield...always streaks on the inside no matter which product I use.
  16. Windshield and chips, so easy with the 2020 and cleaning the Windshield is horrible.

    Yup, my glass chipped as well. Very disappointing
  17. 2020 better daily?

    I can definitely agree with the blind spot issue; annoying when turning into a service road. I am not that tall (5'10"), so the low ceiling isn't terribly annoying (only con is you'd have to stop a bit short at traffic lights or you wouldnt be able to see the light change) Trunk space is...
  18. Supra garage door opener

    Doesn't seem like my garage door wants to do it...but maybe because its an apartment complex garage
  19. Official 2020 Supra MPG: 24 City / 31 Highway / 26 Combined

    NYC, regular city commute in light traffic. Getting about 10-12 MPG, maybe I have a lemon o_O (I am driving pretty aggressive from stop lights though so idk)