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  1. TPMS Malfunction

    Yes I did and still tends to say malfunction then will start reading again. Tends to go on and off.
  2. TPMS Malfunction

    Just installed r888r in the rear and my tpms will now go on and off. Anyone else had this issue? It tends to say tpms malfunction and then turn back on and start reading.
  3. HKS HiperMax Touring Spring Kit

    Any of you have a creeking noise after install? It’s very faint and doesn’t catch through camera. I noticed it as I was backing out and turning the wheels. Thank you for the great info!
  4. Supra Freshly Lowered on HKS Adjustable Springs + Future Classic 15mm and 18mm Spacers

    I had these installed and I realized a creaky sound from the left and right front sides during certain turns. Would that be normal? Or damaged top mount bearings?
  5. Eibach vs H&R vs HKS

    I went with HKS. It feels great more planted especially in sport mode. The steering just feels stiffer and more responsive. Being able to adjust ride height was also a great benefit imo. Hit up @Vegas Supra for all your needs!
  6. NEW* APEXI N1-X DUAL EXHAUST - 2020+ (A90) Supra

    I want to say, I believe I got my Non-resonated one through you. Either way I am enjoying it!
  7. NEW* APEXI N1-X DUAL EXHAUST - 2020+ (A90) Supra

    Just placed these on my car yesterday! Quality build. I am in love with them!
  8. Left low beam malfunction

    My law was the exact same and I just stated this is complete BS, couple days later build sheet.
  9. Left low beam malfunction

    My case manager was able to upgrade me on a lot along with choosing what color I wanted specs etc.
  10. Leaking Transmission Pan Cover

    same here LOL
  11. Left low beam malfunction

    No I am leaving early next year for about a year and the car would be delivered when I was not around. So instead of waiting for one that was built the dealer I purchased had a launch. Not the color I wanted but I’ll settle with this.
  12. Left low beam malfunction

    Got a call last week, They are getting me a launch instead.
  13. Left low beam malfunction

    Just got a phone call from another case manager and I have to say she was highly unprofessional. None of the information she gave me was new other than I will know after December if they are able to give me a replacement. That would mean since the purchase of the Vehicle it will sit with Toyota...
  14. Left low beam malfunction

    I agree, mine didn’t even have over 70 miles ‍♂️
  15. Left low beam malfunction

    Went to check the vehicle, lights work! But still has annoying low beam malfunction message. I will continue with lemon and hopefully get another Supra. If not a check for another vehicle, most likely a GT-R will happen.
  16. Left low beam malfunction

    Lights work but are unable to clear code because no programming. They stated it’ll take another 2-3 weeks. They need to give me another vehicle ASAP
  17. Left low beam malfunction

    Started a lemon law case, will update on Toyota’s decision if they are unable to fix it. Been about 36 days and no program for the parts.
  18. Left low beam malfunction

    Also having this issue. Mine will be 30 days with them tomorrow. Constant run around and no real fixes. Just he say/she say. All they throw around is that it’s a new vehicle.