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  1. Eibach Pro-Kit Spring Install and MODEPlus Spacer Kit.

    Have only just stumbled on this, great video mate and looks about perfect fitment wise. How have you found it driving WA's roads/carparks being lowered? I have scraped a few times on stock height in Perth CBD.
  2. Toyota Locking all DME

    Awesome news, I'll get booked in. Cheers mate
  3. Toyota Locking all DME

    Thanks for the reply, I will be getting the update done, rather not die. I didn't need a bench unlock originally, literally just plugged the OBD cable in and flashed away. Being in Australia it will be a royal pain in the ass having to ship my ECU to get it unlocked. The supra is my daily...
  4. Toyota Locking all DME

    I have tried to follow this thread and the ECU/Update/Lock saga. I have a 2019 build (2020 supra) tuned on BM3, the brake recall popped up and I am due a service, hit 35k KM's. Previous services I just told them don't update/flash the ECU and they haven't. With this recall and the need to...
  5. RK Titanium Single Exit?

    That sounds insane! Gotta chuck a video/photo's/price up mate when you get it.
  6. RK Titanium Single Exit?

    Ah nice, my Dad lives out in Poulsbo, might have to get him to pick one up if and when RK starts selling them. Then it's just the matter of shipping it to Australia. o_O
  7. RK Titanium Single Exit?

    This popped up on youtube, really like the look of it, but can't find it listed for sale on the site or any details on costs. Tried messaging via their site but got a "captcha" failure message.

    Any chance of a quote on a Type D shipped to Perth (Western Australia)?
  9. Fullscreen Apple Carplay

    Damn hero. haha. Will first get bootcamp sorted to load windows then give it crack.

    I picked up a BM3 from you not long ago, still loving it! Good to see you on the board.
  11. WA based Supras

    Evening mate, mine was a 2020 A90 ex demo car, couldn't refuse the deal I got in October. I have only seen one other Supra down my way and I think that was a black one sold by the local dealer.
  12. FS - OEM DownPipe

    How much did you get for it? I am looking at selling mine.
  13. Exhaust noise and burble almost gone

    All good mate, haha, yeah its a little thin on the ground info wise in Aus. I had a bit more fuel smell with the decat, but it's a toy for me so don't mind noise and smells! Went with the OTS map, power is a huge step. I picked up a USB-C to ethernet cable and connected to my macbook, then...
  14. Exhaust noise and burble almost gone

    Hi mate, bit late replying but I have a 2019 and tuned with BM3. I had previously tried to get Toyota to enable apple carplay but they were clueless. I bit the bullet and fitted a decat downpipe and stage 2 BM3 tune, no regrets and a whole lot more power and noise. Car had 4k on the clock...
  15. Nomicon's MkV - Perth W.A.

    My punt on a eBay rear spoiler turned into a win. Picked it up from the depot today, packaged well and no damage. Cleaned the car and then installed, was fiddly with the 3m tape but managed to get it central and lined up. Need to take the rear “Toyota” badge off, makes the rear look a bit...
  16. Nomicon's MkV - Perth W.A.

    Oh right, yeah don't have one of those :)
  17. Nomicon's MkV - Perth W.A.

    Will do. Yellows clearly the best colour! Not sure what OPF is? In sport mode, stock tune etc, you get burbles, bootmod3 just takes it to another level with the decat.
  18. Nomicon's MkV - Perth W.A.

    Managed to scrounge a few dollars together and had a punt ordering one of these: Should arrive on Friday. Now waiting to get a set of lowering springs and spacers for the OEM alloys for now. Intake and exhaust hopefully in July.
  19. Bootmod 3 users

    Haha, not quite, but never noticed it before. Still, reassuring to know it's normal :)
  20. Who has highest mileage? / Supra miles

    Picked mine up in October, just hit 12k KM's. Commuting 120km a day, still smiling ever time.