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  1. JB4 Hitting 25.7 PSI!

    Agree with others in here. Jesse is the absolute best on the JB4 and our MKVs. He tuned my B48 (custom 93 and E30 map) and we just finished last week with my 93 tune on my 2021 3.0. Considering going E30 again late summer to fall, but in the meantime the car feels AMAZING. He is the real...

    I bought mine with around 3k miles on it (the person that purchased it new, tinted the windows). It appears to be 20% or 15%, as my friend who got his A90 done has 35% and mine is FAR darker. Love it during the day, but you have to be extra cautious at night, LOL.
  3. making 2.0 "faster" and "lighter"

    Nailed it. Only thing I would add is the Fi exhaust for the 2.0 alongside the Armaspeed CAI. Jesse's E30 protune on the B48 is especially wild in the performance it produced, alongside perfect timing and such a smooth powerband all the way to red.
  4. Supra 2.0: R R8TED Build - E30 Protune (DaBears and JB4)

    You can to an extent on any ride, but I'd again check with the pros on fitment. If you enjoy pushing this car hard, I would probably advise against running a stretched setup, as that can heighten the risk of something going wrong. My 2 cents at least :thumbsup:
  5. Supra 2.0: R R8TED Build - E30 Protune (DaBears and JB4)

    I wish that option was available, but with an Ethanol Analyzer kit installed and the simple fuel calculators to help, it's really simple to run E30! Just note "miles to empty" and number of fuels bars left. I always took a picture at the pump, so I had a reference of where I was at fuel wise...
  6. Daredevil Supra B58 Build

    Definitely has some Superman vibes too, ha! I just love blue wheels and with black being the default (factory and aftermarket often), I like to have something different ;b In person, I've yet had to have anyone not freak out in a good way on the color combo and ask about the wheels, just as...
  7. ARK DT-S 3.0 Supra Exhaust

    Absolutely love mine too! A few weeks ago though I heard an exhaust rattle, it was the valve when closed. I'm almost always in Sport mode, so I just removed the exhaust valve actuator fuse and all is well again. The tone down low is nice and throaty, and up top at WOT sounds insane. My...
  8. 2020 3.0 Supra Knocking Noise

    You just overfilled, I heard that once and under the exact same scenario, immediately after leaving the gas station. I was mixing for E30 and wanted to get a little more 93 in there to get the mixture perfect and over did it. As others have stated, just don't top off anymore in the future...
  9. Supra 2.0: R R8TED Build - E30 Protune (DaBears and JB4)

    I'd check with your wheel source for that to be sure. For offset, I'm 25mm(Front) and 35mm(Rear) on my 19" Gram Lights with a 40 profile and love the fitment. No rubbing with those specs, that's what I would check on first and foremost. Post up with what you go with!
  10. Supra 2.0: R R8TED Build - E30 Protune (DaBears and JB4)

    Here you go! This is for just the JB4 (make sure you add the BT option, as that's how you monitor, datalog, edit data and switch maps on the fly, all from the JB4 app), After you get this, you can speak with Jesse about your goals and then purchase one of his Pro tunes for the MKV 😉...
  11. Supra 2.0: R R8TED Build - E30 Protune (DaBears and JB4)

    There are several maps to choose from. Some specifically target peak boost, while others simply add a specific amount of boost. When going with a protune like one from Jesse, you would just jump over to Map 6, make your changes, save them, datalog and send off for analysis...then repeat till...
  12. Supra 2.0: R R8TED Build - E30 Protune (DaBears and JB4)

    Not sure power wise (never got to a dyno), but you can see from my Dragy times it would smoke a stock B48 (times would have been faster with stickier tires and a better launch). On just 93 with Jesse's protune on the JB4, it was a BIG improvement even in comparison to the stock maps from...
  13. new to mkv 2.0

    Congrats and enjoy it! Grab a JB4 and get with @Jesse DaBears for a strong 93 tune that really wakes the B48 up! Plug and play, untraceable and a huge difference over the OEM tune and powerband. Keep us updated on your mods and thoughts of the platform :thumbsup:
  14. new to mkv 2.0

    I really enjoyed the B48 platform for about a year. With Jesse Dabear's tune on the JB4 and running E30, we made some great gains in performance (4 seconds flat to sixty and high to mid 12 seconds in the quarter mile). Next up would have been meth injection and that's about the time we got an...
  15. Tire issues

    I was considering these for this summer, for the exact same issue, TRACTION, ha. So, you hook well now from a dig? Agreed on getting a good alignment, from a shop that specializes in alignments on sports cars for track use and twisty roads (that way you can go as aggressive as you want...
  16. Daredevil Supra B58 Build

    Fresh out of EPM Detailing. Finally got the completed pics from the shop photographer. They performed a 2-step paint correction, FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating on the entire car, wheels and calipers. Their team also applied Glassparency to all windows. What a difference from the OEM finish!
  17. Transmission Flashing Coming Soon

    Eager to see how this plays out. A good trans tune can make a considerable difference! The stock one is pretty freak'n impressive for OEM, but there is always room for faster, firmer shifts ;b