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  1. Well I replaced the Supra..

    I bought it as a fun canyon car. I would love to track it but I would want a different brake setup. The ceramic rotors are 6k a piece and don’t hold up well to track abuse. The ride is stiff but the 991.1 is much softer and more compliant than the 991.2. I spend a lot of time at the track on...
  2. Well I replaced the Supra..

    The car is amazing. I’ve been following 991 prices for years. I think in 3-6 months the prices are going to dip significantly. Don’t let the dealers asking prices fool you, numbers are being manipulated to keep the 991 market high. Dealers / private sellers are trying to get the same premiums...
  3. Delete

    I saw them on an E46 M3 over the weekend. They’re such cool wheels. GLWS OP. The car looked great with the kit, can’t wait to see what you do with it next!
  4. The Lexus LC500 & LC500h, Plus LC-F Talk
  5. Porsche unveils the 911 GT3 Manual

    I’d love a manual 992 GT3 and PDK 992 3RS. Dream garage right there.
  6. Well I replaced the Supra..

    The finger follower issue wasn’t an issue on the 4.0’s. I know guys that have over 25k track only miles on their 4.0’s. Hell i met a guy a few weeks back with over 45k of track miles on his 991.1. If you take care of the car and properly maintain them, they’re very reliable. I’ve been enjoying...
  7. Finally! GR86

    Congrats on the 86, I really love the changes / updates for the new one.
  8. San Diego — lowering springs installation

    I told ya, Jeff is a great dude. He also stands by his work.
  9. Well I replaced the Supra..

    My best friend texts me this morning, “she’s a beaut, Clark!” Haha. I can’t not say it in Eddie’s voice.
  10. Well I replaced the Supra..

    Managed to snap a quick pic before it started raining today. I can’t get over the driving experience of the RS. It really is like no other. The mechanical noises you get between the engine and the pdk remind me of an E46 M3.
  11. Well I replaced the Supra..

    I think the 992 is still a great car. It’s probably even a better car than the 991.1 RS if we’re being honest. There’s something about the drama involved with driving an RS that is different than a base GT3 though. It’s hard to explain. The price difference between a 991.1 RS - 992 GT3 is over...
  12. Well I replaced the Supra..

    And I forgot to mention, the Supra went to a great home. I met up with the new owner today and he already has a ton of new parts on order.
  13. Well I replaced the Supra..

    Thanks guys! I did one of the overpriced 5 lap racing things in a base 991 GT3 sometime around 2014/15. I was hooked on the car then but just viewed it as an unattainable dream car. I rented a 991.2 RS (2019) for a weekend from Royalty Exotics in Vegas a few months back and was blown away...
  14. Well I replaced the Supra..

    Maybe this image will post a bit more clear..
  15. Well I replaced the Supra..

    I was kinda all over the place with what to replace my Supra with after selling it last month. I originally planned on getting a 6 port and doing a crazy build on it. I had a lot of people telling me that my plan didn’t make sense…and to be fair it really didn’t. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The other part of me...
  16. Mach-E GT

    Every few months I joke with the wife about ordering one. My neighbor just got a base-ish Mach e. I don’t love them but I don’t hate them. I think they look better than the model y. I couldn’t see myself ever buying one though.
  17. anybody know how to get more top speed out of a 2022 3.0 supra

    I gotcha. I just wanted to be clear I wasn’t being dumb on the street. Hell even on a runway with a ton of open space, it’s pretty wild doing 160+.
  18. anybody know how to get more top speed out of a 2022 3.0 supra

    I don’t know what the car is limited to stock. When I mentioned to my tuner that the speedo stopped at 163, it was the first he had heard of it. But I know not many people are half mile racing and probably haven’t experienced that yet with the mkv. All of my time slips were between 169-171mph...
  19. anybody know how to get more top speed out of a 2022 3.0 supra

    You must’ve skipped the part where I said “while running at No Fly Zone..”