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  1. MKV Toyota Supra Dimensions / Specs leaked in Best Car Magazine

    If it was 86 size that would rock my world. I love how small and nimble the FR-S and BRZ are. Much larger and it starts to deal with different physics (no way to overcome size). Definitely hope new Supra isn't RC-F size. That's grand tourer size. This car needs to look and act like a scapel...
  2. Toyota Superbowl Commercials (2015)

    I like these! These are some of the best received preview superbowl ads so far from any car manufacturer. I like these too:
  3. Toyota may build Supra convertible / targa instead of 86 convertible

    Instead of a traditional convertible I'd like to see a spyder version instead. A car this beautiful would look completely exotic in spyder form. Look at the Alfa 4C Spyder, R8 Spyder, 458 Spyder, Mclaren 650s Spyder. All completely gorgeous.
  4. Consumer focus groups/surveys/feedbacks for new Supra?

    Seems like they've been showing it at most autoshows for over a year now so they should have plenty of reaction to gauge from. Time to give an update or announce production Toyota.
  5. Toyota FT-1 concept & A90 Supra design dissected

    I sure as hell hope not. There isn't a single design I would call truly sporty in the Toyota / Scion lineup except the FR-S. This car needs to look special and completely blow up the boring utilitarian image that Toyota cars have developed since it last made sports cars.
  6. Toyota FT-1 concept & A90 Supra design dissected

    That's going to be a function of the car's construction. If it gets that anticipated carbon fiber monocoque then we'll likely see a wide door sill. In my fantasy world I'd like to think that the concept has wide sills which indicates we'll be getting a carbon monocoque, but in reality I don't...
  7. Toyota FT-1 concept & A90 Supra design dissected

    You mean you don't like the Mirai?! :puke: That thing is like a cartoon characature of Toyota design elements gone wild. Cmon guys we can do better than this...
  8. Next Nissan Maxima

    Yea totally agree. Nissan puts that on all of its N.American cars for some reason, I hate it. The japanese versions are usually better looking in the front.
  9. Next Nissan Maxima

    What do you guys think of the Nissan Sports Sedan Concept? They said the next Maxima is going to stay pretty close to this concept.
  10. MKV Toyota Supra Photoshops & Renders based on FT-1 & Prototypes

    Artist got some talent. Much prefer the wing type from the concept though. Works with the styling much better not to mention that it's mecchanically activated so its completely functional all the time.
  11. Toyota FT-1 Concept on Jay Leno's Garage

    Favorite part was definitely the beginning clip from behind the scenes inside CALTY.
  12. Graphite Toyota FT-1 Second Concept Coming to Pebble Beach (Updated to Include Various Auto Shows)

    Hope this doesn't hint that the car will be a hybrid. :thumbsdown:
  13. Wish List for the new Supra / Must Have Futures and Options!

    This car should be targeting the higher end of the mid-level sports car market as you put it. If this car falls in the middle of that pack, it will flop. And pricing won't necessarily be too high. Toyota's are priced for much better value for what you get compared to the other brands this car...
  14. Toyota FT-1 3D Printed Keychain

    Pretty cool. i'd also love to see a maisto scale model or RC car of the FT-1.
  15. FT-1 MKV Supra Benchmarks?

    The Supra doesn't stand a chance against the LF LC if it's an LF-A successor.
  16. FT-1 MKV Supra Benchmarks?

    The benchmarks are going to be what the GT350 Mustang benchmarked - 911, Corvette Stingray, Z/28, M4, and the GT350 also. These are the cars getting all the praise these days so you can sure as hell bet Toyota is going to measure development against them.
  17. FT-1 MKV Supra Benchmarks?

    It doesn't have to be fair. We're talking about what cars the Toyota engineer should benchmark the FT1 Supra against and absolutely Z28 should be one of them. It's gotten a ton of great reviews in the press and evluations. If the MKV supra can put up Z28 #'s we're all in for a treat!