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  1. Pure800 Size

    Confirmed through Pure….6262.
  2. Pure800 Size

    For starters, I’m shocked we are this far into its lifespan with no information. If anyone has the specs I’d sure appreciate revealing it just out of curiosity. Also, any reason as to why Pure would keep this so close to the chest when it’s common practice to reveal your products specifications?
  3. Pure800 Size

    Does anyone know the size of the turbines in the Pure800? I’ve checked various threads with no clear cut answer. Sick of people asking me, since I’m running one and having to tell them it’s a mystery.. I know Pure does not list the specs but I figured someone by now has ripped them apart and...
  4. Stock Turbo (2020)

    At the rate this is going it might be at that price come 2024.
  5. Stock Turbo (2020)

    Turbo is still available.
  6. Stock Turbo (2020)

    Still available and ready to ship, she’s all yours. If you can give me your zip code I can message you the shipping cost.
  7. Stock Turbo (2020)

    Bump for the Holidays
  8. Stock Turbo (2020)

    Upgraded to a Pure800. Stock turbo from a 2020 A90 Supra. Great Condition. -15,000 miles $900.00 Located in Texas.
  9. Boostlogic Tuning

    No sarcasm…hard to believe I know. Long story short, I scheduled to be tuned on Oct 29 back in September. Days before our tuning day I try to reach out for confirmation and I get none. Come Friday LG Motorsports tries contacting him with little luck. By the time we do it’s 2:00 pm and we are...
  10. Boostlogic Tuning

    Anyone had their vehicle tuned at Boostlogic in Austin? Currently have a Pure800 with Port Injection and a Botti tune. Surprisingly the Botti tune is having issues and I’d rather find someone else then go through the headache of getting ahold of him…nearly impossible.
  11. Visual Comparison: Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    There’s also a reason Supra’s, GTR’s, Vettes and Vipers all use closed deck motors. One of the selling points for me was the B58’s closed deck. You want to bring out safe reliable power out of the VR30 you’re going to have to fork out over $10,000 for that sleeved motor….just another pain in...
  12. Is a MKIV Style Spoiler Coming Soon?

    LG MOTORSPORTS makes the best one out there. Worked with Toyota on the project at their headquarters in Plano. Pricey but it’s the real deal.
  13. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    I don’t understand how people even have an argument in any of this. E50/DP Supra (no other mods) will walk a C8 in a roll race. There are numerous videos out there on this. Even the guys at LG Motorsports, who work on both platforms and own one of each, stated their Botti tuned/ DP only Supra...
  14. Wire Tuck/ Engine Cleanup

    I understand why a majority of the wiring is exposed throughout the engine bay but was wondering if anyone has done a wire tuck/ engine bay cleanup for the B58? If so please post pics.
  15. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    I understand Tomei just came out with their single exit exhaust but is this another up-coming model? I prefer this design compared to the newly released one.
  16. Pure 800 93 Octane

    Same. Would love to compare setups with stock fuel system vs other options (port injection etc..) on purely 93.
  17. Single Exit Exhaust

    Not sure when this was added to the website. Says the Tomei exhaust would be available for pre-order soon. Can anyone verify this?
  18. Pure 800 93 Octane

    Lets see those Pure 800 93 Octane numbers. Tuner and modifications list would be appreciated.
  19. Block Thickness

    Has anyone done a comparison similar to Motive’s 2J vs RB block comparison for the B58? Curious how it compares to other I6 legends.