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    Up for sale are my Japanese imported Weds wheels. I had these on my 2021 Supra before I traded it in . Weds mavericks 607D 20” staggered 20x9 et19 20x10.5 et33 Bolt pattern is 5x112 , 2 piece welded structure . Silver machined face gloss black windows with polished lip The wheels are in great...
  2. 5 packs of the hypersonic wind buffers from Amazon

    I bought 5 packs of these when I first saw them . These have the brand name on the first set but blank on the other set behind them in the pack . I used a set on my car and they worked amazing . No longer have a Supra so don’t need these 30$ shipped for all 5 packs . Really don’t want to sell...
  3. Custom Single exit exhaust off 2021

    More parts off my car I’m trading in . Had mighty muffler de (check them out to see their quality of work )do this exhaust for me . Megan blast pipe on 3.5” all the way. Has about 1.5k miles on it . Loved the sound . It’s super loud and your neighbors will think machine guns are firing. 700$...
  4. FREE !!!!!!!! OEM springs off 2021 3.0 premium

    The springs have only about 1k miles on them . Comes with everything you see in the picture , I put the hks kit on my car and wasn’t worth paying the 400-500 to remove the hks kit then to sell it used haha Free ! If they aren’t gone this week they are going in the trash
  5. OEM downpipe off 2021 3.0 premium

    Have an oem downpipe off my 2021 3.0 premium that I’m trading in , Only has about 1k miles on it . Located in southern NJ 1100 plus shipping or local pick up is cool too . PayPal preferred or cash in person
  6. Trading in my 2021 Final farewell burnout vid inside !!

    Had to send her off with style
  7. Was doing some rolling videos and a G35 attempted a ricer fly by and gets smokeddddd vid inside

    Always loved watching fly by fail vids and was tickled pink when I got to participate in shutting down a attempted fly by . I got to say though the dude was cool and we both gave thumbs up afterwards.
  8. 2021 Supra Premium Unlocked Ecu Ecutek tuned with 2k miles

    What’s up Guys , I barley drive this car . Found out my fiancé is expecting so might part with this 2021 Supra Premium 2k miles Visconti Unlocked Ecu Ecutek tune via Soho Motorsports Titan catless down pipe Custom fabbed full single exit exhaust Hks adjustable lowering kit MST intake Afe charge...
  9. Dealer called to bring car in for LoJack update ?

    Anyone else with a 2021 get a call from their dealer to bring the car in so they could update the Lojack system ?
  10. Dealer called to bring in car for Lojack update?

    Anyone else with a 2021 get a call from their dealer to bring the car in so they could update the Lojack system ?
  11. 2021 Custom Fabbed Full Straight Pipe Single Exit Exhaust

    The guys over at mighty muffler in Claymont DE did an a amazing job. I already have a catless down pipe so went even louder with a straight pipe single exit setup . They killed it . Sounds amazing and even better launching then just the sitting revs In the video . Definitely check them out if...
  12. HKS adjustable springs installed with Weds wheels

    Finally got my hks kit installed and the car aligned. She’s sitting at the perfect height now. No rubbing at all 255 up front and 285 in the rears .
  13. OBDLink not able to reset CEL

    I have the OBDLink Mx+ however I can only read the codes with the car running and when I go to erase the codes it errors since the car is on . When I try to read the codes by simply turning ignition on by just pressing the start button and no brake there is no cel light and it reads no codes ...
  14. 2021 Downpipe Install and MST intake

    Did the install in my garage using some homemade ramps and some floor jacks at the end to get more leverage on refitting the exhaust and downpipe connection . Overall not too bad but some parts were definitely a pain in the ass with out a lift . Going to have a exhaust fabbed up Monday at a shop...
  15. Try to get video to play on multi media screen

    I hooked up the obd2 and used bimmercode to turn off the seat belt chime , the start up warning and active sound . I then also allowed video while driving and used the I drive knob to get it all set correct , or so I thought . I’m still not able to get video to play on my phone via usb and when...
  16. New down pipe came in black grease inside?

    Probably a stupid question but just got my catless downpipe in the mail today when I opened it up I noticed a black grease like substance inside top portion with some metal shavings. Looked like something from maybe the welds and not cleaned after properly?! And ideas guys? Of course didn’t...
  17. Vettle to Aston Martin !!!

    Who’s excited to see Seb out of the Ferrari and into the rebranded BWT ? Can’t wait to see Aston Martin back in F1 . Should be a awesome year even though 2020 has been jammed pack with races and protest over the bwt team
  18. Mods Delete , created new updated thread

    New thread updated with new mods and pics
  19. Supra Vendors , Shops , Companies experiences and reviews MEGA THREAD!

    Im going to start this thread so all us members as a collective can post our reviews / experiences with all the different companies, vendors and shops out there . The point is for us members to find the best service pricing customer service and products being offered out there . And also get...
  20. HEY VENDORS!!! who has charge pipes in stock?!! and some other MODS?

    Who has charge pipes in stock and any deals going on? Im just starting my mod journey already have hks adjustable springs that I ordered from auto talent and received 2 days after. Placed a order for HKS dry suction intake via xtreme powerhouse. (just waiting on delivery as they are delayed it...