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  1. Coming from a Manual Track Car, Left Foot Braking Question

    My previous track car was a Porsche 944, with a Porsche 911 used for occasional HPDE days. Both of these cars are manuals, my question for the group is with a high performance automatic like the Supra, are people left foot braking? Or traditional right foot braking? I'm teaching myself left...
  2. Christmas present ideas for new Supra owners

    So my GF asked me for some gift ideas, and for the new Supra owners, which describes a lot of us on this board I had to scratch my head a bit. I told her I’d like a star (Torx) socket set, maybe brake pads and SS brake lines. That was it. What’s on your list?
  3. Formula 1 Talk

    Interested if anyone is watching F1 now that it's started up in an fan free way. Lewis getting pole in the rain should shut up his critics as he proved (again) that he is the best drive in this generation. A moment of silence for Scuderia Ferrari. Just my take on the weekend's race,
  4. Anyone Watch SX this week from SLC?

    Little bummed the Kenny couldn't run with Eli, I was hopeful we'd have a nail bitter but if the next 6 races are like this Eli will win SX title number 1!