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  1. What map are you using? (JB4) Create account, upload log and share link here. Bask in the joy of free 'wisdom'. The snippet looks ok. The wacky throttle activity is what gets smoothed out with a custom tune.
  2. What map are you using? (JB4)

    On E30-40 I ran Map 5 with good track results. Eventually got with Jesse and it drove significantly better on a custom map. 91 octane stick to stock boost, IMO. Map 2 can sometimes be a bit much for 93.
  3. My Manual is here! First customer MT in the world

    That I get, but If you hold the clutch in does it continue to run and/or if you don't have your foot on the brake?
  4. My Manual is here! First customer MT in the world

    I absolutely despise the auto stop/start but I'm curious how it functions in a manual...?
  5. What's your insurance? Insurance Comparison based on Driver Age/Location/etc

    60k Agreed Value policy through Grundy for $839/ year. Clean record and obviously meet all of their stringent requirements.
  6. MIV Supra Brochure circa 1998

    The MKIV aside from headroom has a few inches more in every direction than the MKV. Dimensions aside, because of the layout, size of glass, etc.. it still feels much bigger. The Japanese GT cars of this era were all comparatively spacious and comfy but also physically bigger in general...
  7. MIV Supra Brochure circa 1998

    Nice blast from the past! I have 1993 and 1995 around here somewhere.. It wasn't really for the period and it's not a small car to begin with. Marketing specs aside, TTs in the real world were 34xx and the Hardtops were closer to 33xx off the showroom floor. Also, basic mods like...
  8. Updated A91-MT delivery day

    It's not a problem per se, IMO. It's Econ 101 - supply v demand, free market, blahblah.... I'm of the opinion that by now if someone hasn't figured out "MSRP" on luxury items is not real/tangible and nothing more than a suggestion, by definition alone, then it's just willful ignorance. I do...
  9. Updated A91-MT delivery day

    Only a $9,995 markup...? Laughs in C8..... 🤑
  10. Jacking / Lifting Points

    For the rear - single jack on the diff, in front of the fins. If I have to jack the front then I use 2 jacks on either side.
  11. 2023 Toyota GR Supra Manual Review Thread!!!

    I can't see a targa ever happening; there's no way to fit in the hear hatch.
  12. Ceramic Coating or Heat Wrap?

    Ideally coated and wrapped. If you had to pick one or the other then a good quality wrap will provide a more tangible thermal barrier.
  13. 2023 Toyota GR Supra Manual Review Thread!!!

    RE: V160 -- TRD trans mount, billet shifter tripod bushings (and Tilton triple carbon for extra credit) shifted like a rifle bolt. *chef's kiss*
  14. 2023 Toyota GR Supra Manual Review Thread!!!

    I'm really curious to see a datalog of the 6sp being driven in anger. I fear/suspect there's throttle closure fuckery as a self-preservation measure. Should be addressable via a real tune, but that is the JB4 downfall in my experience.
  15. JB4 Custom Map 6 Process

    My JB4 drag and 60-130 results:
  16. zrk / a90_nojz Build

    Nice. Good move on building the block. What all are you having done the head? Honestly the TQ number makes me wince a bit. I've had the dubious owner of windowing a stock 2J block back in the day and it was not a happy ending, to say the least...
  17. zrk / a90_nojz Build

    That's a nice curve for a stock longblock. What boost? A set of cams/springs would really wake things up.
  18. 2023 Toyota GR Supra Manual Review Thread!!!

    I think the vast majority of us OG stick shift drag racers would rather bang gears in a 10 sec car than hold the wheel straight in an 8 sec car. You either get it or you don't; most don't and that is fine.
  19. G30-900 vs G35-1050

    The G30 is a baby dick turbo best suited for 2.xL 4cyl or as a pair of twins on a smallish V8. The 55mm turbine exd is a terrible combo and smells like a recipe for compressor surge. You might as well save the cost and complexity and drop the 'cool factor' of a kit and just go Pure 850...
  20. G30-900 vs G35-1050

    I'd go with the G35-1050 all day every day. The G30 has a teeny tiny turbine. Great for spool/initial response but it's going to be a tire fryer and out of breath quickly on our modern and efficient 3.0L. The G35 will be right in the meat of its efficiency at your goals and will have plenty...