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  1. Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 Sales Figures

    The sales really stalled out in Jan, Feb, and Mar. This was probably because of the lack of rebates and the dealerships wanting msrp and above, and not allowing test drives. Sales increased when Toyota had the $1k hidden dealer incentive, that was followed by the $2k dealer incentive. When...
  2. 0 percent financing now available on MY20 supra .

    The offer is good in my area as well (Oklahoma). I knew Toyota would offer better incentives soon. The 21's will be arriving really soon and Toyota is sitting on 8 months worth of 2020 inventory.
  3. 2021 Supra Prices Revealed!

    I'm familiar with that app. It is one of the tools they will be using for "Contact Tracing." The House Resolution 6666, is the “COVID–19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act”. It allows them, as necessary, to "contact trace" at an individuals residence, and for other...
  4. 2021 Supra Prices Revealed!

    Yep. New and nationwide
  5. 2021 Supra Prices Revealed!

    Exactly. So I doubt the 2021's will be anything close to msrp. Especially when you have 8 months worth of 2020 inventory sitting around. The manufactures rebates have not caught up with the reality of the situation. In 2008/2009 there were huge rebates and govt programs like "cash for...
  6. 2021 Supra Prices Revealed!

    Cargurus currently shows 1246 available (05/19). A month ago (04/19), cargurus showed 1391. Toyota has sold around 145 units over the last month. And that is considering that Toyota has a $2k hidden incentive and buyers are probably getting around $5-7k off. At this rate though, Toyota...
  7. Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 Sales Figures

    I was curious how sales have been recently, with everything going on. In the U.S, looks like Toyota has been selling around 5 a day. Averaging around 150 a month. We might see increased hidden dealer incentive.
  8. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    You may be right. I just looked up Toyota production plants. The Supra may fall under bmw.
  9. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    According to Toyota, production starts May 4th
  10. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    You are saying the 2021’s will be delayed 6-8 months?
  11. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    To a point. It's up to the financial institution as well. You can have the credit worthiness they require, but they still will have their max. The bank I used will not exceed 130% on new. I believe USAA was at 135%. I know the manufactures financial will go up pretty high. Most the credit...
  12. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    In this situation from this dealership, they used OTD because that is their total selling price. It would look like this: $56,983 MSRP $6,733 dealer discount $50,250 negotiated price of car $250 document fees $50,500 (what dealers here call OTD) $2,272 Oklahoma vehicle sales tax $52,772 OTD
  13. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    I thought we are trying to find an accurate way to compare apples to apples? Why would you then want to compare otd? Just compare the dealership selling price of the car. This way if the dealership sells it to you for $48k, I can approach them and get them to sell it to me for $48k. I...
  14. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    Best I’ve found locally, is $50.5k. Premium. Msrp right under $57k. Ignore the otd part on the email. That’s just the term these Oklahoma dealerships use.
  15. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    So you're saying, we should not compare OTD, since you define OTD as total paid with taxes. Would should be comparing the amount the dealership is selling the car for. And just don't use the term OTD. Ok, lets do that. Spread the word.
  16. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    They will finance as much as they are comfortable with. Usually depends on the finance institution, debt to income, credit score, etc. I just refinance my Type R cause of the recent rate cuts. They financed my used car at 113% of value. When I bought my Type R, I rolled over negative equity...
  17. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    Depends on the state. I'm from Texas where OTD always includes taxes and registration fees. In Texas they always include that in the overall purchase amount and financing amount. I moved to Oklahoma around a 1.5 years ago and bought my Type R here. In Oklahoma, they generally never include...
  18. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    I don't know of really anyone who claimed a $49k OTD (including taxes) on a premium. Maybe Lawyer Wife did. Best deal I've found has been $50.5k OTD (not including taxes, registration, local fees, etc). This is on a premium at $57k msrp. They have four of them and have had them for months...
  19. 2020 models under MSRP

    Texas dealerships is always about F’ing over their customers. I’ve lived in SA for many years and have shopped many Texas dealerships. It’s usually worth it to go out of state. They are taking around $7k off in Oklahoma.