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  1. Oops

    Zack can now unlock ECUs at his house for $4?????? WOW!
  2. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Cant just say that without info on said pass!
  3. Phantom Matte Gray scratches

    If you polish it at all, it will gloss up. You need a repaint (detailer of 20 years experience here). Its the main reason ill never own a matte or satin car.
  4. FS: Verus Front Splitter

  5. Post 6/2020 ECU unlocked in US

    Youve got ECUs?? DM me.
  6. Driveway Labs Door Pulls Kit

    Farenheit: 0 - Quite cold 100 - Quite hot Celsius: 0 - Mildly cold 100 - Dead
  7. Driveway Labs Door Pulls Kit

    This is an interesting idea. Im concerned the bolted on carbon plate is going to look out of place. I wonder if theres a way you could countersink it (if that makes sense) so it would be the same height as the stock handle housing. Maybe shave the housing down and epoxy? Just throwing thoughts...
  8. Post 6/2020 ECU unlocked in US

    Its been a minute since ive seen this one lol
  9. Driveway Labs Best Trunk Button

    yeah ill 100% buy once i can see install instructions and confirm nothing crazy is needed
  10. FS: Verus Front Splitter

    I imagine shipping would be pretty brutal, but if you want to pay it ill get a quote.
  11. Shift Lights?

    No, JB4 requires the entire OBD2 bandwith.
  12. Madtrace/JQWerks Magnetic Paddle Shifters

    Ive been watching these via Instagram. Probably going to wait 6 months to see if there are any issues that pop up. I want them tho.
  13. FS: Verus Front Splitter

    bump. Cant believe nobody has jumped on this.
  14. FS: Verus Front Splitter

  15. Coilovers recommendations

    Its extremely easy, and how the factory body/arms were designed to support the weight of the car.
  16. Coilovers recommendations

    For a street driven car (assuming you have EDC) do the KW DDC + Millway Motorsports top hats.
  17. FS: Studs and Spacers

  18. FS: Verus Front Splitter