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  1. Poor USB audio quality

    This article sums up exactly what I was trying to mention above. He explains it much better than me and he has it laid out in easy steps. I hope this helps out! Let us know if it does or if you had to do anything different...
  2. Official NC Owners Thread

    Looking to get my hands on a stock OE factory exhaust. Anyone planning to upgrade their exhaust and gonna trash their old one? I would be interested in taking it off of your hands.
  3. Poor USB audio quality

    I was never a fan of playlists and never had any created so I can't really answer that one from experience. From my understanding the key is that you have to change the location settings on the playlist. For example, your playlist on your computer is linked to songs on your hard drive. So...
  4. Is 50F too cold for the Michelin summer tire?

    Deuce...Deuce...on the dash. Daily driver rolling around town with no problems on stock tires.
  5. Official NC Owners Thread

    @Retrocade welcome to the forum and it looks like we need to arrange a mountain run in the spring!
  6. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    @Tripjammer that really looks nice and clean! I bet it sounds the same! Good work!
  7. Winter Driving Supra? Post some pics of your car too!

    Tha'ts @nibble with the CF decal, ma6ybe he will chime in.
  8. Cusco 28mm Sway Bar install

    According to the 20-21 specs they are the same (23.5mm Front/18mm Rear). I run BS with the AFE 3-way adjustable bar. I run it with stiffest setting for AX & DD and have been totally happy with it. Was the 20 bar hitting on something? What was making it not fit?
  9. Problem with steep driveway

    I would take that driveway over mine any day of the week. Key is 45 degree angle and slow so the suspension doesn't compress. Mine scrapes everyday but it's just the air dam underneath. The rest of the car is ok by millimeters of clearance. Worst case I might have to replace the air dam...
  10. Opinion of Current 2.0 and 3.0 Owners

    My decision actually took 3.0 seconds to make!
  11. Supra Floor Mats

    @Tripjammer Excellent job on the mats! I have the same 3D mats and have always thought the same thing about switching out the logo but I never got around to it. Did you just place the logo over the 3D logo or pull the 3D logo off and put the new GR one on?
  12. Winter Driving Supra? Post some pics of your car too!

    Daily driver. No problems with 29 degrees this morning...........
  13. Is it only me or others also hate these stupid cupholders in armrest?

    I like the cupholders and storage cubby. They are tucked far enough away to not get in your way, but still convenient enough to use them. The area I do hate is the phone charger area. It's basically just a sunglass holder and takes up so much room. The phone usually gets thrown on the...
  14. How to Improve OE Sub Bass Quality and Eliminate Vibrations

    Excellent Idea! I just ordered a basic entry level printer from black friday. I'm already looking for stuff to print once I get up and running. I will definitely put this on the list. Maybe etch Supra across the hole or something else.
  15. Supra Coding Step By Step

    I haven't come across or seen a way to code for traction off upon start-up, only to start in Sport Mode.
  16. IND | 3D Design A90 Supra Carbon Paddle Set DIY

    I did it a few months ago but I don't remember needing a lot of force to open the clip. I don't remember exactly where to push to unlock it but I believe in the square hole I have marked in the picture below. I added a few other pictures that you can zoom in on which hopefully might show a...
  17. Rear brace squeaking

    I would recommend using Tesa Tape. It has a cloth feel and would provide a squeak free barrier. Plus you can just trim it and put it in any area that you want. It's high heat rated so you don't have to worry about it coming unglued in the summer time too. They use it wrap up wire harnesses...
  18. IND | 3D Design A90 Supra Carbon Paddle Set DIY

    Yeah, I agree with antonio88x, to use a pick tool to push the clip apart. Once you push on the clip lock it will open up with ease.
  19. Don’t be a dummy like me, magnetic numbers

    This is my current option, I dropped down in size but I put a bright metallic apple on them to make them stand out. When they were black they just blended in with all the black trim. *** TIP *** Pick up a hard plastic binder from the office supply section for $5 (blue case in pic). It's a...