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  1. OLM Carbon Fiber switch panel fitment issues

    Same as I expect from any seller. That the part matches the description. Chinese, American, German-makes no difference to me.
  2. OLM Carbon Fiber switch panel fitment issues

    I left a negative review on FTSpeed website regarding the fitment of the exact same parts. They never did publish the negative review. Should have returned them but thought I could lightly sand down the switch opening to create clearance. I overestimated by carbon fiber finishing skills and...
  3. Steering wheel badge.

    I did but after I got it I decided it was too large for the space. I ended up going with the GR Yaris badge which was a little smaller and looked better IMO. Bought it from eBay.
  4. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Thanks for the link. Looks much more substantial than what came on the part.
  5. What did you do to your Supra today?

    What did you use to replace the plastic grid? I think the material that comes on them is too thin. Thanks.
  6. Waze Integration With CarPlay Dashboard Goes Live

    Hopefully that Waze integration will allow the audio prompts to come thru CarPlay. That is once my CarPlay starts working again (hopefully) I was using Waze everyday for the LEO reports but running it thru CarPlay disabled the audio alerts. About got a performance award a couple of times...
  7. Carplay has disappeared

    Add me to the list also. 2021 Premium. CarPlay just disappeared. Tried disconnecting and all the things mentioned earlier in the thread. WTF. Hope they hurry up and fix it. Another thing that has bugged me about it is that I run Waze for police alerts. The alerts will pop up on the car display...
  8. A91 Edition Owners - Do you regret the missing HUD?

    I never had a HUD before the Supra. I always just thought it was a gimmick. But now that I have it I find it very useful to not have to look down at the regular speedo. The steering is sensitive and the car goes where it is pointed very quickly (which is a good thing) so the less time I have my...
  9. Blindside Beep

    Fortunately the Supra has a backup camera that is helpful when backing up.
  10. For lovers of curves

    Central Kentucky has great winding roads up to and around the Red River Gorge area. Great in my Supra and motorcycle. I also heard about a thing called the Appalachian Autobahn in Eastern Ky but that is like a whole other I've rode the Dragon and it is very good but crowded during...
  11. Air intakes

    I have a 2021 and the Injen CAI fits fine with the factory strut bars. You need to make sure the intake is fully seated in rubber grommets. There is not a lot of room but it definitely fits. No hammer or spacers needed.
  12. First day and it snows!

    Thanks for posting your experience. I normally put my winter setup on at Thanksgiving. Where I live the temps don't normally drop enough or does it snow before then. It's good to know that the car is at least manageable if we got a little snow and I had to make it home from work before i can get...
  13. Titanium Works Burnt Ti emblems

    Going to get flamed for this but don't really care. In the OP post he's giving us a look at what he did to his car. It may be helpful for others looking to do the same thing, remove emblems, etc. Nowhere in his post did he ask for anyone to share their opinion if they liked his install or not...
  14. Hazard warning triangle

    I ordered one also. Then proceeded to take the triangle out of the red storage container it comes in. That was a mistake. Talk about a pain in the a** to get it back in
  15. Pirelli Sottozero Serie II's winter tires

    I didn't have the Supra last winter but did DD a RWD Lexus RC350. I had a square setup on it and will do the same with Supra. I looked into the using the stock wheels but didn't want that wide of a tire on the back. It's been my experience that a slightly narrower tire does better in the snow. I...
  16. JB4 with Connect kit for sale

    This was sold a few months ago.
  17. What did you do to your Supra today?

    ^^^ I second the vote on the improvements from Tom Adda (tadda). It looks complicated when broken down into tadda's excellent directions but in reality it was pretty simple if you have a few tools to cut the ports. It made a sizeable improvement over the stock system (that and turning off the...
  18. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Congrats on your new Supra from a fellow Kentuckian! btw, the $9 wind deflectors work well.
  19. What map are you using? (JB4)

    I'd say Map 2 or 3 according to this info over on N54tech.
  20. What map are you using? (JB4)

    I've been running Map 3 with only mod being a CAI which I doubt is doing much, if anything. For the last two fill ups been adding 2-3 gal of E85 using an app to calculate plus the Supra Connect app so I could get close to E30. I tested the E85 and it was running 90% ethanol. I have the EWG...