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  1. TE37Ultra M-Spec Mag Blue

    Seriously interested. Would like to see the car in outside in the sunshine with these on. Did you have to run any spacers? Aftermarket lugs?
  2. Trip to Balltown Iowa

    Three others I should say.
  3. Trip to Balltown Iowa

    There are three that I know of in Davenport, where I live. One White one Red and one Black. But I still haven’t met any of them either on the road or in person. Just heard from others and seen in pictures. I am for sure the only one running in the Great River Region of the SCCA. They are out...
  4. Traction Control/VCS Turning back on.

    I fixed my issue. It was the rear suspension height sensor. The sensor arm was/is broken. It think it must have gotten in a fight with a cone I may or may not have run over at autocross. We were able to "engineer" a semi-permanent fix but I am going to think on how I want to make it more a more...
  5. Toyota Supra, Ruined by Bump Steer?!?!

    So really to resolve the issue we are going to have to hope we can get some kind of softgware update that doesn't also require our cars to be retuned and probably bench flashed if they're already tuned?
  6. Traction Control/VCS Turning back on.

    Roger. I'll make an appointment to bring mine in. Mine is stock ride height.
  7. Traction Control/VCS Turning back on.

    It's close enough. I will make an appointment and post my results here.
  8. Traction Control/VCS Turning back on.

    I do get a chassis error now and again that doesn't show up when I try to pull the codes via MHD. Do I need to go into the dealer and see what's up with that? The 30PSI is coming from iDrive.
  9. Traction Control/VCS Turning back on.

    Guys - Got an issue. If I turn traction control and VCS off in any combination after I launch the car it all comes back on. It was driving me insane at Autocross this weekend. Am I doing something wrong or is there no way to turn it full off? I had 30 PSI in the tires for reference because I've...
  10. JakeM’s Subzero Build Log

    Haven’t gotten any more tuning done yet, but did run the car at Cordova International Raceway on Friday and then Autocross on Sunday. I think I can break into the 11’s on the stock Super Sports if I can figure out how to launch consistently.
  11. Official ABSOLUTE ZERO WHITE Supra Club Thread

    Here's the photo I used. I had to chop it down a bit to get it to upload here.
  12. Official ABSOLUTE ZERO WHITE Supra Club Thread

    I could find one so I made one. What kind of phone do you have?
  13. First autocross event.

    Also then I can still use my Stockers as Rains.
  14. First autocross event.

    My only problem with that is that I drive a lot on the street and I don't want to have RE71R's on full time. They are a bit too noisy for me. LoL
  15. First autocross event.

    Just realized this thread is in an inappropriate forum. Hopefully a mod can move or remove it for me? Thanks! Jake
  16. First autocross event.

    Received a couple more pictures from the event yesterday.
  17. First autocross event.

    Went to my first Autocross event in the Supra. Made me fall in love with the car even more! Ended up classing into Extreme Street A because I did the downpipe and tune. Now I have a question for my fellow autocrossers. Is there a quality set of 18" wheels you all recommend that don't break the...