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  1. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    Unfortunately, Steve has nothing/little to do with that brand anymore
  2. Weds new wheels!

    The RN-05M looks fantastic. Would love to see it on some different colors!
  3. A90 Supra 1/4 Mile Times

    That car has not been tuned. Only modification was removing the air filter and lower tire pressure. It now has Mickey Thompsons, but stock ECU.
  4. A90 Supra ECU stage 1 400hp 600Nm

    Are there any dyno sheets? OT: That blue is beautiful.
  5. U.S. Toyota Dealers without Mark Ups

    I'm sure you don't have control over these kinda things but a $1,500 mark up? That kind of a price point doesn't make sense to me. Why not ask $5k? What good is $1,500 going to do in the pockets of the dealer? I'd rather offer an MSRP deal and take good care of the purchaser to make sure...
  6. Paint Protection Film or Coating or ?

    We've got an Absolute Zero White coming from another state. It will be in all of the factory wrapping so that we can do our own "pdi". Lots of photos and video as well. We'll be performing paint correction, PPF all over, and then coating with Gtechniq. Can't wait!
  7. Aftermarket Exhausts

    Glad to see R&D going down for these cars :thumbsup:
  8. Aftermarket Exhausts

    For aesthetic reasons, I would say no on the single exit exhaust. Unless the're s a bad ass rear diffuser solution for it, I think the twin exit looks great on this car.
  9. Supra Accessories

    Carbon fiber mirror caps are $449 each. Tried to order a set today but they're not live for dealers to order just yet. I'd assume it's a button press away from happening.
  10. USA Toyota Supra Builder Website is live

    Looks like it's back down
  11. Aftermarket Exhausts

    Milltek has also made their A90 exhaust debut at Goodwood.
  12. Aftermarket Exhausts

    HKS is confirmed and will more than likely be the exhaust used on our shop car :thumbsup:
  13. Panhandle FL

    What color is it? We were able to secure an Absolute Zero White one. Will you be at FL2K in October?