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  1. Wheel Dollies/Jack

    Is anyone using wheel dollies/jacks in order to move their Supra around in a garage? I am looking for a set of four, however all of the dollies I have looked at appear to be to high to slide up under the low stance of the Supra.
  2. BMS Billet Strut Cross Braces

    Thanks..I appreciate this..
  3. BMS Billet Strut Cross Braces

    Those look great..Where did you get them?
  4. Oil Change Walk-Through with Pics

    Great DIY write I have a stupid question/questions...My car only has 350 miles. When should I do my first oil change? I know Toyota says 10,000 miles,.....but??. I am used to changing my oil every 5,000, should I keep that up? If I follow a 5,000 mile schedule will changing the oil...
  5. Panhandle FL

    Thanks for the info...Maybe try to get together sometime when the weather is a little better. Not far from Milton to FT Walton.
  6. Panhandle FL

    Not a new member. I live in Milton and have a red LE. Did you get your down shift blue at Bob Tyler in Pensacola. If its the same one that I saw there, my wife and I looked at it before we decided to buy the Red LE he had also. I really like your wheels. Who makes them, and where did you...

    Thanks for the info...I do appreciate it. I'm not familiar with BMW systems. The last BMW I owned was back in 1973...a 2002 titi, when I was in the Navy, stationed in Naples Italy.

    Ok MKV fans, I am about to show my ignorance, but that doesn't bother me anymore, I've done that too many times in the past. I am very ignorant about DME. What is DME compared to OBDII, I have an ODB1 scanner for my 86 Mustand SVO. an OBDII scanner for my 97 Miata and Tundra. But I assume...
  9. wheel touch up

    The warranty on my LE included tire/wheel coverage to either professionally repair if possible or replace if the damage to the wheels was not repairable , no limits on useage. I realize that this is not going to help your "friend" now. Not sure where you or your friend are located, but I...
  10. Active Autowerke catted downpipe

    Is anyone running the Active Autowerke (AA) BMW B58 catted downpipe? I am seriously considering ordering one, but I would like to know a little bit more about them. I live in Florida, where there is no emissions testing, but I also have a home in Dallas, Tx., where there is emissions testing...
  11. Recall coming - low beam headlights

    How do I determine the build date of ny Supra?
  12. Panhandle FL

    Mohammad, would you happen to have some pic's that you could post. I am very interested in getting one.
  13. CEL came on today

    I had to have the battery on my LE replaced with only 7 miles in it. It threw a couple of weird OBD codes before the dealership got a new battery for the car. I don't remember what the codes were, or how many there were, but they all went away after the new battery was installed.
  14. Greetings from Belgium - Car history and Supra MKV build

    Bonjour Geert. Welcome to the Supra club. I have enjoyed the pictures you provided, especially the ones of your yellow Supra. I have a Red LE..(#935). Please keep us informed of your progress. Where do you live in Belgium? I had the pleasure of living in Waterloo for a year, and loved...
  15. Supra LE wheel lug bolts

    The lug studs are M14 X 1.25MM.. I don't know whether to measure from the bottom of the bolt to the bottom of the conical seat, or to the top of the seat. However, I believe they are 48mm long, M14X1.25X48.
  16. GR Emblems 2020 Toyota Supra FloorLiner and Steering Wheel

    Gearbangin...I just sent you a PayPal for one of the steering wheel emblems, and a pair of the floor mat emblems..shipping instructions are in the order with PayPal. Should I owe you additional funds, let me know. thanks.
  17. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    Ice Age, I have an LE, and the only thing I have gotten from Toyota is the payment book.
  18. MAPerformance Catback

    That is to pretty to be under the car..Valves need to be retained.
  19. Panhandle FL

    moh561..Mohammad, have you received your CAI from Euromotive yet?