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  1. Visual Comparison: Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    nissan better replace that pos plastic csc and that grease filled rear diff bushing i swearrrr hahahaha
  2. Visual Comparison: Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    probably pretty cool if it doesnt have a rotary engine... hahaha jk
  3. Visual Comparison: Nissan Z vs Toyota Supra

    first of all, i would like to say the proto z unveil live last night was shit! After it ended, i wanted to whoop all 3 of their asses that was on stage.. no info on price, performance specs, etc.. half ass explaining the design of exterior and interior.. they were answering planned "viewer...
  4. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    new teaser from a day or 2 ago.
  5. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    either that or the car is actually named Z Proto haha
  6. Next gen Nissan Z chat "400Z"

    yes! been keeping up with both a90 and the 400z since one of those are most likely the next car im trading in for.. Biggest reason i want the 400z over the a90 is because of the manual transmission option and less unnecessary sensors and electronics for a sports car.. the 400z render looks...
  7. Anyone have any sort of update from AMS Performance regarding their carbon fiber intake?

    just watched jackie ding's newest youtube vid and he is running the ams heat exchanger and cf intake.... theres shots of it but i guess he is running the prototype for those parts?
  8. BMS Billet Strut Cross Braces

    IMO, a bar is a bar (unless its very flexible and cheaply made).. i doult anyone will be able to tell the difference in performance between this, the cusco, and/or even the "z4" stock bar... just go with one that fits your taste from a reputable brand and you will be fine.
  9. Goodbye Red hello Carbon Fiber

    loooks sooooo much cleaner. good stuff
  10. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    dont know about if titanium is better flowing then steel exhaust but one of the big reason for going titanium would be its lighter weight over steel exhausts.. and titanium produces a different tone vs steel from what i was told.
  11. Absolute Zero on Magblue Te37sl

    looks good! one of my top favorite color combos on a white car.
  12. Front sway bar, rear sway bar: which to add first?

    rwd cars usually like to over steer.. so with a bigger front sway and a stock rear sway.. the car will act more neutral.. but that all depends on each driver's driving preference.. install the front sway and see how u like it first then go from there if you want to upgrade the rear sway?
  13. Tire Screwed

    i think its long enough.. his 2nd pic shows his tires flat hahaha
  14. Tire Screwed

    i would bring it to a local tire shop and just have them plug it.. i had screws/nails around the same spot a few times and they always plugged it with no issues.. unless its on the tire wall then they said its no good and would need a new tire.
  15. Charge Pipes

    one of the reason to change it is that the oem charge pipe is made out of plastic.