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  1. Anyone else keeping their Supra bone stock?

    Car is perfect out of the box
  2. Do all 2021 Premiums come with DRCC?

    What’s drcc?
  3. AC Compressor Delete?

    ^ how much does it weigh?
  4. Supra Coding Step By Step

    Does anybody know if BimmerCode can reset the oil maintance lights as well? Especially if it says “impossible.” Lol
  5. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    regardless still sounds amazing. 2021 has less pops, that’s all.
  6. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    The stock exhaust just sounds so nice. I can’t imagine why anybody would change it out?!! Lol I get that the burnt tips or etc look cooler tho.
  7. Engine oil service

    thank you!!
  8. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    Damn, went on the Carly website, every bmw has the service reset option except the g29 2019+ Z4 lol
  9. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    okay thank you! Right now, the oil maintenance light and service light is both on. Super annoying. I was going to wait another month to change my own oil. Only way I found to turn them off temporary is to dial back the date back to 1/19/20. lol
  10. Engine oil service

    that’s my reason why I don’t want to take it Toyota. Apparently people on this forum don’t understand.
  11. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    because I worked for a dealership for 7 years and I saw how we butchered customers’ cars. I am not worried about taking advantage of some free oil and filters as I have a ton stocked up at my house. I also would like for my ecu not to be locked and my tune to be over rided. So yeah, I prefer...
  12. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    i plan on next few weeks. Even if i change my oil, i may still cant reset the oil light.
  13. Engine oil service

    600 miles
  14. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    So there is an actual sensor that actually makes you drain the oil before you can reset it? Lol Just WOW. I was going to wait alittle longer before I change mine but wanted to get rid of the annoying ass oil light. Lol
  15. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    Car has only 600 Miles currently and maintenance light is on “10,000 miles and 12/20. I know low miles. Lol I plan on doing an oil change next week myself and today I was unable to reset the oil maintenance light because it says “Impossible.” 🤦‍♂️ I wanted to reset the oil light first bc...
  16. Engine oil service

    my correct time has passed and it still says “impossible”
  17. Engine oil service

    same issue here
  18. 2021 Supra first 1/4 mile

    Good job man
  19. Impossible Engine/Oil Light Reset

    Unable to reset even after an oil change and after due date. Very low miles at 600.
  20. FS: Rays Volk Racing TE37 SL Magnesium Blue Los Angeles

    Great price!!! Good luck with sale!!