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  1. TOM'S releases carbon diffuser and 4 barrel exhaust

    Now I know what kit to go for when I get the Supra
  2. Mark ups on the 2021 models

    They're still doing markups? Especially during the pandemic?!?!?!! Nah I bet I'll find better deals more than the ones with the markup
  3. Supra vs Z4M

    Yeah many people actually talked about how the new Supra is similar to the old Z4 coupe and also has styling cues from the 2000GT Interesting not necessarily a bad thing tho! It makes this car more unique!
  4. have to say good bye so soon :-(

    Sorry to hear about that! Stay strong man and I hope that things get better for you!
  5. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    Hey congratulations man! I hope that you have a good time with your new car! Someday I'll join the family!
  6. Stevenlammy GR Supra Build

    Nice car man! Looking forward to this sick build!
  7. A90 Supra life cycle: Incremental updates? New variants coming? What's next?

    In a way you're right but look at cars like the Mustang and Cayman for example more than 50% of their buyers still buy them with the manual transmission so then we may see that take rate for the GR Supra but then it depends
  8. A90 Supra life cycle: Incremental updates? New variants coming? What's next?

    I would really like to see what GRMN has in store for the Supra especially a more performance oriented model But most importantly there is room for improvement for the base model as well and even the base model is very good Before I go on to say that the new Supra needs a manual transmission, I...
  9. 2021 Supra Prices Revealed!

    Honestly, $42,900 is not bad for the Supra 2.0 it is still in the lower 40s though I was expecting it to be a bit lower I'm sure that they will sell in even bigger numbers with the 2.0 as a more affordable option
  10. Sport Auto Awards Supra The Best Handling Car 2020 Title

    I think this car deserves this reward Yes there are cars like the 718 and M2 but the Supra really stands out among its competitors and is also pretty attainable I hope I get to test drive this car to see how good of a car it is
  11. A90 Supra life cycle: Incremental updates? New variants coming? What's next?

    I think the Supra is a great car on its own Some more performance oriented models would be nice but it should be a better car unlike how Renault did with the A110S
  12. 2021 Supra production has resumed at Magna Steyr

    Hopefully once all this settles down, a factory tour at Magna Steyer would be so nice especially to see the new Supra being built
  13. Tomioka Supra 750 turbo upgrade

    Hmmm never heard of this company but I'm sure that they are quite well known in Japan since there are many tuning shops Personally I would stick with GReddy, Garrett, and HKS because they bring the best results
  14. Which rear spoiler to buy?

    I really like the A80 style wing from Seibon But I feel that the wing by Aimgain and Levalla suits the character of the new Supra especially for how it's like a European sports car with Japanese styling probably the best of both worlds And you have to admit the 2000GT did take some inspiration...
  15. Did anyone cross-shop the Supra against BMWs?

    I would definitely say the Supra It is an amazing sports car a good balance between performance and comfort
  16. TE37SL Mag Blue on clearance

    Looks so nice
  17. Installed TRD parts (Chinese replicas)

    There is a variety of wheels like someone said Advan and there is also Volk, Enkei, BBS, Work, Vossen, etc.
  18. Dealer's Demo 2020 Supra for $48K

    Can you share me the link?