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  1. Screen protector for the supra!

    this particular one can be found on our site.
  2. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    only mentioned it because several people who installed the ebay/amazon ones said it themselves publicly that the noise comes back over a certain speed. it was either this thread or one of the others. I cant remember where.
  3. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    until a certain MPH from what people said. So they don't work 100% like ours do.
  4. Bm3 Stage 2 OTS to Ecutek ? Worth it ?

    Rather than typing it all over. See below for my response to a similar question. To where someone used the supra running 9s and 8s before all the other B58 BMWs. again, im unbias, i use them all.
  5. Twisted Tuning MKV Supra/Z4 Semi-Solid Upgraded Transmission Mounts

    Trans mount install instructions found here...
  6. Twisted Tuning MKV Supra LPFP Fueling Upgrade (CANBUS controlled)

    updated photo of our stage 3 LPFP with provisions for a return line.
  7. Headlight issue

    hard to tell what you're looking at
  8. Twisted Tuning A90 Supra Development

    Getting closer to release....
  9. Twisted Tuning 3.5" Stainless Steel Single Exit Exhaust

    oh, also decided on a forged carbon tip exit. because i like forged carbon. lol
  10. Twisted Tuning 3.5" Stainless Steel Single Exit Exhaust

    Update.... Right now building stock. and buttoning up a couple things on the Valvetronic versions. Wanted to have things ready to sell for the new year. But between other dev and COVID nonsense killing supply availability. Things got pushed back. Release looking more like February at this...
  11. Twisted Tuning MKV Supra/Z4 Semi-Solid Upgraded Transmission Mounts

    Full release a day early of our Transmission mounts. Now fully available on our website if you missed the presale. Purchase link: Check out the video...
  12. High Performance Ignition Coils

    never heard of them until this post.
  13. High Performance Ignition Coils

    dont you dare buy those ignition coils. the OEM stock ignition coils are strong. And i can gurantee those coils are not better than the ones on the car already. And may just be OEM ignition coils with a crap badge on them. stock coils on my car at 800+whp. and been that way since april of...
  14. MKV Tuners in Phoenix?

    yea you should be good with that date for flash tuning.
  15. Twisted Tuning Stealth Ethanol Content Sensor Kit w/Gauge for 2020 Supra MKV

    contrary to belief, MHD was the first people adding custom code to anything BMW. lagging? i would not say lagging. Making sure things are 100% before releasing to public is more like it.
  16. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    lots of new owners, haven't posted in here. Welcome everyone.
  17. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    to me, driving everything should give you an adantage of being able to give a real review. Regardless of what he has been driving or driven. As a journalist, your opinion has to remain factual and subjective and most of all unbias and etc. however, just like mainstream media, news and...
  18. Let’s Talk Traction

    I drive 98% of the time with the VSC completely off because i don't personally want the car correcting anything im doing. that is me though, i have been racing, building and driving high powered cars for 2 decades. Just know your limits. But yes, better tires will always help traction and as...
  19. does aftermarket exhaust require an unlocked ecu?

    if the exhaust does have Valvetronic control, you'll get a passive CEL for the Exhaust flapper if you leave it disconnected. thats about it in regard to Catbacks.