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  1. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    @Nickusa52 Just sent you a DM!
  2. Best catted downpipe ??

    Frequency Intelligent catted DP, which is what I have is pretty close to that pricing. I would definitely check out that as an option as well. Solid quality and no issues, plus it sounds amazing!
  3. Botti Check

    I agree. I attempted to go with Botti initially, but due to the fact that I never heard back after multiple attempts I went with another company (Speed Industry). Always a phenomenal experience and the tune is AMAZING! That being said, my buddy here actually started/owns East Coast Supra...
  4. Steering noise

    That is a load of BS. Tell them to grease it and if they want to charge you, to prove that your springs are the true cause for the noise. They can't deny the warranty claim otherwise. Either that or try another dealer. Not all dealers are immediate anti mod responders.
  5. 5 days after catted Active Autowerke downpipe and a CEL popped up

    Nothing against BrenTuning, I have tuned my WRX there in the past...but I think they only do BM and I am not a fan of that software for this platform. I recommend ECUTEK if you can, as it is much better software in general and tuning capability is greater as well. I hear Mike Botti is pretty...
  6. 5 days after catted Active Autowerke downpipe and a CEL popped up

    I can't speak for this brand, but my Frequency Intelligent catted 200CEL downpipe never gave my any CEL in the 2K miles I ran it without a tune. I am currently tuned stage 2 for about 300 miles and no issues with this still. Are the o2 sensors correctly bolted in place? Hopefully you can get...
  7. Door Garnish Removal?

    Thank you, appreciate the support, and glad it helps convince you to join the MKV group! I have a bunch of pics in my garage on this forum if you want to take a look there. Also my IG @nemotoguy also has a ton of pics of my car. Cheers, -V
  8. Door Garnish Removal?

    Hey All, As promised, the door garnish removal and carbon install video is live right now. Hope this helps everyone! Link: Cheers, -V
  9. Door Garnish Removal?

    Thank you! :headbang:
  10. Who else experienced this?

    That's great news! I tuned my Supra with ECUTEK lasat month, and the stage 2 from my tuner is just that, SMOOTH and tons of power/torque, but on the conservative side per my request. Just for clarification, was this the same tuner from the start? Cheers, -V
  11. Door Garnish Removal?

    Hey everyone! So my buddy and I finished installing the P2uned Carbon door garnishes yesterday. I ended up filming everything, and now I am editing the video and will upload to YouTube in a day or two. So let me just say a few things up front. Do not worry about breaking clips or adhesive. I...
  12. Metal to metal cracking rattle noise

    Wow, those Recaro's :love::love::love:
  13. Who else experienced this?

    Is this true?? I really wish we could have gotten some data logs and some info on the tuner. Find out what was really happening. If anything to escalate a situation to eliminate issues like this for any future owners.
  14. Another one bites the dust

    Sorry to hear about your loss, and glad you are okay! Luckily from what I have been seeing, these MKV Supra's seem to have a very safe crash rating. Seem to be protecting people nicely for such a small sports car. Hopefully you get into a new one soon! Cheers, -V
  15. Door Garnish Removal?

    Thank you! I submit an order request for the clips, but I couldn’t find that molding pad you mentioned. That part number didn’t exist? Cheers, -V
  16. Door Garnish Removal?

    Does anyone on here know what the part number is for the clips? I am holding off on installing my new carbon trim piece as I’m afraid I will definitely break a few clips. Can’t seem to find what the part number is to order from Toyota.
  17. EcuTek my 1 Month review

    Your comment literally said: "People who are ragging on these cars, which is most if not all people on here" Did I miss something? -V
  18. EcuTek my 1 Month review

    I don't think I have come across a single person on here who is "ragging" on the Supra. How do you figure most of this forum, created specifically for this car and owners of it, to be hateful towards it?
  19. EcuTek my 1 Month review

    What's with the hostility? Take it easy, most people on here or owners are not full time drag racers. No doubt if you launch the car all day every day you will have transmission and engine issues. The ZF-8 is pretty strong and capable to handle a good beating. Cheers, -V
  20. FT-1 vs GR Supra vs 86

    From a concept to a true production version, the MKV Supra looks very similar to the FT-1 tbh. I don't know how anyone can't see the resemblance. I am very happy with the end results of the production Supra.