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  1. Charge pipes before tune

    +1 for the FTP charge pipes. The stock one is not that bad but i always recommend upgrading the charge pipe when tuning the car
  2. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    I will post a sound clip soon
  3. Akrapovic Downpipe

    No danger at all, you'll get a nicer sound and a noticeable power increase without any drawback
  4. Best catted downpipe ??

    We do not offer this brand, i offer the Active Autowerke, Akra, CTS, CG Precision & Evolution Racewerks catted Supra downpipes
  5. Thoughts on Titan Catted Downpipe?

    I recommend the Active Autowerke catted downpipe, especially for stage 1 or piggyback users. Having to manually delete CEL every 50-100 miles gets tiring in no time
  6. Akrapovic Downpipe

    Akrapovic products are top-notch for sure. But in terms of value, you get more for your money with the active autowerke catted downpipe. Both have similar airflow, no CEL guarantee, and spot-on fitment.
  7. Best catted downpipe ??

    We will have the valvetronic brand on our website early next week
  8. Best catted downpipe ??

    its a balance between, flow, power, fitment, reliability, and no CEL Active Autowerke have updated their downpipe to now use the latest GESI cats for better CEL guarantee and more air flow than the previous version
  9. Vargas VTT A90/1 Supra Line Lock/Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit **NEW PRODUCT**

    Need a better way to warm your Supra tires for a race other than foot braking? VTT has THE solution for you. This line lock kit utilizes two solenoids to lock your front brakes, allowing you to do a perfect burnout every single time! Whether you’re warming up your tires for the drag strip or...
  10. CSF BMW B58 G Chassis Cooling Packages - Lowest Price + Free Shipping! Why shop with us? Lowest Price Guarantee: We do our best to always have the lowest price on our website, but if you found an even lower price somewhere else let us know. We will match the other price and thrown in an extra $25 store credit towards your next...
  11. CSF Auxiliary Radiators & Transmission Oil Cooler *** NEW PRODUCTS**

    A90/91 Toyota Supra is no doubt the hottest tuner car currently – both in terms of popularity in the performance aftermarket industry, as well as the amount of heat the car generates with increased power or when being pushed hard on the track or dragstrip. As the world leader in BMW...
  12. Charge pipe seated correctly?

    I cannot see much from the picture, do a boost leak test for a 100% confirmation
  13. MST Intake Installation Video

    Congrats and thank you for posting the video :thumbsup:
  14. does aftermarket exhaust require an unlocked ecu?

    no CEL code when changing the exhaust, no tune needed either. You get a CEL if you change the downpipe, unless you get a downpipe with a no CEL guarantee (Acive Autowerke, CG Precision) or a flash tune
  15. Cat back Exhaust recommendations with a Catless DP ?

    I recommend the REMUS exhaust with catless downpipes
  16. Looking to buy Ingen Charge Pipe - Black?

    Red and polished are in stock, black finish still unavailable
  17. Active Autowerke Toyota Supra Performance Rear Exhaust

    the thread that was linked was back when active autowerke were testing it on their shop car and still making changes. Its just been released to the public
  18. Mastery of Art & Design Supra B58 Downpipe ***NEW PRODUCT***

    Mastery of Art & Design (MAD) specializes in BMW bolt-on aftermarket parts. The current catalog includes BMW charge pipes, downpipes, and intercoolers. All high-quality pieces backed by a fitment guarantee and a lifetime warranty! MAD offers 90-days to return any product; if you do not like it...