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  1. Looking for Houston Area Members

    That makes 3 of us.
  2. What other vehicle were you thinking of buying, if you did not buy the Supra?

    It was a refraction Blue Supra or a Gen 2 NSX. I'm glad I went with the Supra. I found out pretty quick that i'm not an attention guy. lol
  3. Looking for Houston Area Members

    How many blue guys in north Houston? We cant be the only 2? Im in Spring. Hope I see you around
  4. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    For a Blue A91?
  5. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    You have to just stick with it. Got my A91 for 4k off msrp. I just submitted my offer, told them I was a serious buyer and they accepted it. They had a ton of interest from tire kickers and not many people actually willing to throw down. Be "that guy" and the deals are out there. I also was...
  6. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    Picking up baby blue on Monday!
  7. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    Its funny, I think SILVER is a super boring color on cars... but theres a guy that has a silver Supra in my neighborhood, and man it looks so good on the Supra.
  8. Where are all the deals for the 2020?

    That sounds like a solid deal. What color?
  9. Mark ups on the 2021 models

    Any word on when they are going to get trucked to dealerships. During the MY20 debut all the dealerships were showing them in inventory about 2 weeks before they actually got them on the lot. Is that what were looking at here? at least another 2 weeks before they see the light of day?
  10. Mark ups on the 2021 models

    Has anyone talked to Gulf States Toyota dealerships and asked when Texas is going to start getting some 2021s? I see Alabama Georgia and Florida getting theres, but Texas.... not yet?
  11. Looking for Houston Area Members

    Care to share? Im up in Spring!
  12. Looking for Houston Area Members

    Any good driving roads near us? everything is super flat
  13. Looking for Houston Area Members

    Good Luck, I hope they dont mark up like crazy. Fred Haas did last year.
  14. Toyota S-FR concept

    Im still very sad this was cancelled
  15. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    According to Magna's twitter account they've started making G Wagons, I'm assuming they are making all vehicles again.
  16. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    Just got my Poster today
  17. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    I doubt you even get that, but I wish you luck!
  18. 2020 Supra Firesale?

    Exactly, I don't forsee as many buyers for 2021's. Its one thing to have a mid cycle refresh a few years from the initial launch of the vehicle, but less than a year? Most supra enthusiasts or loyalists have already secured theirs, and I cant see too many of them jumping into the next model year...