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  1. Anyone purchase Armytrix exhaust?

    Sorry for the late response. Is it definitely louder. Videos does not do it justice. We had a supra dyno day and had all sorts of exhaust systems out there (boost logic, ETS)-- and Armytrix was everyone's favorite.
  2. Looking for Houston Area Members

    There is a Facebook page for MKV Owners in Texas and a few of them are from Houston. Here's the link:
  3. Anyone purchase Armytrix exhaust?

    Just got the Armytrix Exhaust and Downpipe installed last week :) I'll post more clips of it later
  4. Snow Performance Stage 3 Meth Kit. Sold Sold Sold

    Might be interested in both! Just DM you on IG
  5. FS: SOLD— BM3 tuning License A90 Supra $350 price drop

    License transfer went smoothly! After making an account and downloading the BM3 software agent, had to plug into the car (to make sure the software is compatible for BM3). Once it received the software data, the transferor requested to transfer the license. I received an email with the...
  6. Austin Supras?

    You should join the FB group for MKV owners in Texas:
  7. Registry for those STILL WAITING for their LE Supra

    I got the black LE from Toyota in Ruston, LA. I'm actually going to take delivery of my vehicle this evening so I'll post pics then!
  8. Registry for those STILL WAITING for their LE Supra

    I apologize in advance for not following the format of picking a # slot. But I do want to update you guys on my LE. My dealer contacted me yesterday and explained the reason for the hold up was due to a random quality control check. I was one of the 64 Supras at the Houston port for the random...
  9. Registry for those STILL WAITING for their LE Supra

    Just received a call from a nearby dealer that their LE arrived today. Hoping mine will come in soon too since it's only 60 miles away from that dealership... THERE IS HOPE PEOPLE!