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  1. Rear Diffuser options

    Anyone know if any of the aftermarket rear diffusers have greater clearance for larger exhaust tips? I'm running into issues with the Boost Logic burning/melting the stock diffuser (especially on dyno pulls). Looking to see what other options might be out there and confirmed by the community...
  2. Ethanol content sensors

    Looking for recommendations on ethanol content setups, with the option to interface with ECUTek. Details on why one was chosen over another etc. Also, anyone that opted for an external gauge, where did you end up mounting it? Thanks!
  3. Coverage question for roof wraps

    Thanks for the replies, appreciate it. Looks like I will be taking it back for a third attempt, hopefully get it 100%. I have had other cars done in the past, with no issues whatsoever. This is the first time to experience this, especially twice, with two different, very experienced shops...
  4. Coverage question for roof wraps

    I had the roof wrapped in 3M carbon fiber on nitro yellow. For those who have done likewise contrasting colors, are installers having issues fully covering the rear of the roof where the weather stripping meets? I had it re-done twice by two different installers with similar results, thin lines...
  5. Mustang Dyno results with BM3 Stage 2 93 Octane

    Where did you have the Dyno runs done at?
  6. Recommend Tuning Shop in DFW

    I know this is a fairly old post, but if you are still looking, you should check out PRT performance in Lewisville. Make the switch to ECUTEK and you will not be sorry. Steve at PRT has a 2020 Supra and has been tuning on it since it's been out, plus he is a super great guy...
  7. Lowering Springs Suspension Noise Identified ???

    Easiest and quickest is to call 800-507-2338 and ask for tech support. Explain the situation and they should offer to send the sleeves at no cost, just have to provide purchase receipt document.
  8. Lowering Springs Suspension Noise Identified ???

    So I think we need to be very clear in what noise you are experiencing, there could be a few different ones (caused by different things). Bearing noise, when turning, like a binding/clicking, would point to what some covered with the bearing alignment/sitting flush situation. The other, more of...
  9. Injen Technology Products Now Available for the Supra A90!

    Thanks, this is perfect timing! I was just wondering when these were going to be released. Needless to say, just placed my order for the EVO CA and Charge Pipe. I have always been a big fan of the Injen products.