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  1. Rear Axle Differential lock

    Sounds like OPs Diff failed in some way. Probably should get it towed to the dealer to get checked out.
  2. 2022 GR Supra?

    This I am not sure on. Presumably, the brake assist would be the tough one (stalling out) and radar cruise would be straightforward, since these cars have more than enough torque to modulate speeds in a single gear.
  3. 2022 GR Supra?

    I know in the Fxx generations it was, at least in the US. The manual trans' cars could be specced with automatic brake assist. Not sure if they've changed that with the Gxx series cars.
  4. 2022 GR Supra?

    Correct, this is the BMW Safety Suite. BMW already pairs this with a Manual transmission, so it technically wouldn't be a problem for the Supra.
  5. Lack of a spare tire, concerning?

    Toyota PN 42611-WAA07
  6. Lack of a spare tire, concerning?

    Oklahoma actually hahaha I drive from Dallas to Chicago about once every 1-2 months and I very much would prefer to not be stuck on the side of some rural part of Oklahoma or Missouri waiting on a tow truck that takes hours to show up. Also, there are plenty of spots with absolutely no signal...
  7. Lack of a spare tire, concerning?

    I suppose it comes down to luck, and sadly my luck hasn't been great haha. As Click and Clack once said, the only time you'll get a flat is the day after ditching your spare tire. :hmm: And I had the same question regarding the wheel through Toyota's website. I would bet on it just being the...
  8. Lack of a spare tire, concerning?

    The thing I realized though is that most of the time when you have an issue on the road, it's not something that slime will actually fix. If the tire was just slowly leaking air through a hole (the only time the tire slime is useful), then more than likely you would notice it when the car was...

    If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that this is Part # 16057-WAA02. This should be covered under warranty though, so I would just take it to the dealer.
  10. Oil maintenance reset light “Impossible”

    These Bimmer computers are weird about this, they have internal service counter flags, and if it's not set off in a particular way, it'll give you this "Not Possible" malarkey. The solution is to either wait until the service flag does get set again (maybe at 10k miles), or you can use one of...
  11. 2022 GR Supra?

    Interestingly enough, things have been extremely quiet on my end regarding upcoming products. I think with the uncertainty of timelines due to the pandemic, Toyota (and other OEMS) are playing their cards very close to the chest. With supply constraints in microprocessors and other supply line...
  12. Lack of a spare tire, concerning?

    Interestingly enough, I found this: This is an 18" wheel, supposedly an OEM Toyota part for the 2020 Supra. I had a blowout on I-45 right outside Dallas on the passenger rear. It was New Years eve at 4:45pm. Not to...
  13. Changing out a tail light

    If I remember correctly, the taillight doesn't come out unless the rear bumper is off, which is a bit of a pain because it has a bunch of hidden clips you have to press to release it.
  14. This STB (may be not..) intrigues me.. - GR Performance Damper

    Gas shock bracing isn't anything new, TRD, STi, etc have been making and selling these for a variety of cars over the years. The concept is interesting for sure, and while it does provide an interesting rigidity curve based of off the speed of chassis movement, its also adding cost and...
  15. 2021 Supra 2.0 as a daily? Rainy Conditions?

    Just leave the traction control on and you won't have to worry about a thing. The stability systems in the car are effective and quick to respond. Just drive it like a normal car. Plus the stock Michelins have great wet weather performance above 40F. And the 2.0 is an open diff, I can confirm...
  16. Guff's A90 Supra Rebuild - TA90 Lives On

    Hey! Not too much actually, just installed the trunk release button tbh, but haven't gotten around to doing anything else. Just been a bit busy with other stuff sadly! I'll get on it soon!
  17. Opinion of Current 2.0 and 3.0 Owners

    I've driven both a fair bit. Get the 3.0. If the 2.0 had an LSD and was a bit cheaper, I'd say it was a viable option. It's got enough grunt, and the lighter weight really makes the chassis so much more playful, but without an LSD (and a shorter FD) it has too many shortcomings for the price.
  18. A80 Toyota Supra

    Scotty always has a way of getting basic facts wrong even for no benefit of his own lmao. Still to this day one of the most insufferable people on the internet.
  19. 2022 Toyota Tundra spied

    Oh snap! That's awesome then! I am very excited to see what they change in the motor to make it more truck capable.
  20. 2022 Toyota Tundra spied

    Probably too complex of a motor for a heavy duty application like the Tundra, but who knows! Would love to see a turbo 6 though. Perhaps something based off the V35A without the W2A intercoolers or the valve lash adjusters and whatnot.