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  1. winter tyre advice

    Did you get spacers or is that higher offset wheel? Or my eyes are off :)
  2. Exhaust flap always open with engine on

    So, this a separate actuator motor than the OEM? Don't know their design to speak intelligently and I'm sure you thought of this, but can't you use the OEM one?
  3. I'm a sales manager for a Toyota dealership - AMA

    Dude, got my 86 from Koons Tyson's Toyota @ VA. My impression of them is they're on the "rich" street and have 0 reason to lower prices. Darn Stohlamn Subaru had told me 12 weeks to get a white BRZ back in 2012.
  4. Titan motorsports titanium exhaust

    YouTube, Vimeo? Make a private channel or private video.
  5. ⭐ Gruppe M Ram Air Intake System (Carbon Fiber), Toyota Supra 2.0 / 3.0 A90 2020-2021

    Disclaimer: I hate small images Disclaimer: I've no affiliation with this company or the product nor promoting them in any way. Just sharing images I found online in higher resolution.
  6. Canadian Premiums - potential for easy Wireless charging addition

    Sure thing! Congrats & welcome btw!! Official instructions at Toyota TIS. Requires membership. $20 for 2 days. Can't beat forum detailed instructions and helpful feedback and YouTube videos, but it's still step by step and includes tools required, torque values, etc...
  7. Help me identify this part number

    I've no idea, when I just searched for 16057-WAA02 this came up: Your picture seems to suggest, the hose is going to the remote radiator on driver side. Perhaps little more search is needed... sorry for sloppy work...
  8. Help me identify this part number

    16057-WAA02 Hose Radiator Coolant Hose $91.11 90118-WA645 Clip : Radiator Coolant Hose Hold Down $3.76
  9. Canadian Premiums - potential for easy Wireless charging addition

    Are you asking for the OE wireless charger? 861C0-WAA03 Seems it's $213.88
  10. Sun Visor Mods Available?

    I had 4 hours of driving towards the unbearable sun! Even sunglasses didn't help. Had to raise my seat and sit up tight to avoid it. Haven't had such a long drive since, but even 5 mins of direct sun from driver window is annoying. I second this search for pivoting visor.
  11. Do all 2021 Premiums come with DRCC?

    Oh yeah, I'm totally with you on the aggressive slowing. I don't think only CC will give you what you want. A closer distance setting would, but I don't have a clue if it can be programmed. I'd be interested as well.
  12. I just ordered this—will someone tell me why?

    In short, dampens torsional twist of crankshaft for longevity of the engine and components... basically counteracts these forces like a suspension would do, kindda..
  13. Do all 2021 Premiums come with DRCC?

    How's just having CC help? I'm curious. You'd have to use the brakes to slow down which would disengage the CC in any vehicle...
  14. Engine oil service

    And there's the risk of updation of ECU build/firmware that could possibly lock it...
  15. No Charge On Wireless Charging Pad

    Before you take it to the dealer, do you have another wireless charging capable phone you can try? I don't know if there is a setting in iPhone, but go thru them. Also, go thru the Supra's setting as well and make sure wireless charging is on. Sometimes things change with update, etc, etc...
  16. Anyone Try The JPM MX1 eBay Carbon Fiber Lips?

    15 sold already, someone's gotta have a feedback. Seems, it's a Taiwanese company...
  17. Akrapovic Downpipe

    You can wait for the Sponsor, but even without my pre-existing knowledge, it's been said many times on the forum that there is no danger to run without a tune. You'll not reap the most HP benefits, only exhaust sound changes. CEL guarantee seems to be finnicky. With JB4 you can hide error...
  18. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    I highly doubt that a company as big as Bosch would do anything of the sort. I know that OEM's purchase other OEM's vehicles and fiddle around with all aspects of the car including ECU to figure out how it behaves, etc. but I highly doubt that Bosch would venture in such a business as I'm sure...
  19. Akrapovic Downpipe

    Well, I've looked at (not physically!) almost all downpipe websites and YouTube videos during expanding the, now unfinished, mods DB and I can tell you they vary in inlet diameter, transition diameter, location of sensor and with all that the flow restrictions hence the varying sounds. Some...
  20. A90 Toyota Supra Sighting in the Wild!

    That was obviously a joke... With 4 posts looking like teachers taking names of kids talking during the class or cops or that old lady in the neighborhood taking plates of speeding cars; I felt compelled... You can see that after Supra became widely available, this merged thread pretty much...