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  1. Difference between two wings???seibon and heritage ?

    Seibon is bigger and IMO matches the body lines of the MKV much better. Heritage wing looks small and silly considering how high the duckbill comes up, also Seibon flushed better further out on fenders. Heritage looks like they literally took a MKIV wing and tried to stretch it out to make it...
  2. Amazon paddle shifters $28.80!

    Yeah. To each their own but i think paddle extensions look kinda trashy/rice. I could see them going on a 90’s civic but the supra deserves better IMO, do it the right way. That being said, paddle prices are ludicrous on this car lol
  3. Anyone else keeping their Supra bone stock?

    Stock here too. Only have cosmetic mods (wing, carbon, spacers, BimmerCode, paddles) but will be getting catted downpipe soon just for the sound. Once car is paid off/warranty is nearly done i may consider tune and wider tires to handle the power but for now I’m happy with the power and all
  4. BMW steering wheels

    Anyone know if they make a wheel with more padding and softer leather? Like an M wheel? The carbon fiber aftermarket ones are a little crazy and I like the more minimalistic style of the oem wheel but wish it was more comfy
  5. Best cleaner/shine for OEM exhaust tips?

    I like the Mothers metal polish, wasn't really a fan of the eagle one tissue paper spit shine thing
  6. Who has highest mileage?

    7500 after 15 months
  7. OLM Carbon Fiber switch panel fitment issues

    Yikes! Thanks for letting us know, i had a similar experience recently with autotecknic carbon paddles. For me, the “float” that you mentioned is somewhat of a turnoff, hopefully a full replacement will be in the works :)
  8. Front and rear badge options

    i switched out the Supra logo, but no dice on the Toyota one yet
  9. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    Couldn’t someone buy a 2020 MY ECU and swap that into the 2021?
  10. What other vehicle were you thinking of buying, if you did not buy the Supra?

    The old Supra. It was my dream car for the longest time but just couldn't justify paying 50k for a 25 year old car with high miles, numerous owners, wear and tear, discontinued parts and no warranty. Perhaps part of me will always want one and if I win the lottery I would add a mkiv Supra to...
  11. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Are they loud on the road? How are they in the rain? Thanks
  12. What did you do to your Supra today?

    What brand vents are those? I think i saw some aftermarket carbon ones but they were still blocked off. Anything special done to these or are they plug n play? Thanks
  13. Opinion of Current 2.0 and 3.0 Owners

    Good to see someone else who is content with stock power levels. My 3.0 2020 has more than enough for street and to get me into trouble lol, i may consider downpipe and tune closer to the end of the warranty but can’t imagine needing 1000hp
  14. Opinion of Current 2.0 and 3.0 Owners

    Correct. I mean if someone is desperate, impatient, short on money and just wants a “Supra” they can get one. No judgement on my part but i think I’d always be wanting the 3.0
  15. Opinion of Current 2.0 and 3.0 Owners

    I’d say don’t take shortcuts - get the 3.0. Supras were meant to be 3 liter inline sixes and like others said if money is an issue you can get a used 2020 for a similar price to the 4 banger, I’d be worth the wait. Ironically i think the more expensive car is the better value considering all of...
  16. What did you do to your Supra today?

    thanks! Seibon wing and there is a tiny gap but it doesn’t bother me and I’m person and as a whole i love the way it looks
  17. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    Thanks i do what i can haha
  18. What was your out the door price on your Supra?

    Getting a LE is pointless, it’s all cosmetic stuff that kind of looks out of place anyways (aside from the dash number plaque) get a premium w/ drivers assist package. Most bang for your buck
  19. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    Whenever someone tries to tell me the old Supra is better than the new one, I'm like... Hmmm, well lets see, the new one is: -faster -lighter -stiffer -better balanced -handles/corners better -brakes better -better traction/hooks up better on the strip -cheaper -better mpg -safer -more luxury...