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  1. HKS intake....?

    After all the ooh's and ahh's the bottom line is that the current HKS mushroom filter results in ingestion of hot, poorly-filtered air.
  2. No cruise control or safety sense

    Coincidentally yesterday I was chatting with a friend who owns an independent repair shop. He happened to mention that his brother-in- law has a new Lexus. When driving up a grade the cruise control shuts off. The dealer acknowledges it is not normal but doesn't know what's wrong and can't fix...
  3. Warming up Supra

    In the grand scheme of things it only matters philosophically in that it is a pointless endeavor.
  4. Warming up Supra

    I've monitored oil temp using my MHD app. Oil temp correlates quite closely with the dash temp gauge. Once that gauge registers four bars oil and water are at operating temp. The comment above about warming the engine up in the driveway harkening back to the days of carburetors is absolutely...
  5. Let’s Talk Traction

    My car has an e50 tune. R888R's in the rear are a huge improvement over the stock tires. They definitely "sing" and I wouldn't put them in the front for that reason, though you quickly get used to the sound from the rear. Adding "road-hugging weight" went out with the Pinto. Also bear in mind...
  6. downpipe, exhaust, & Intake tune gains

    The 30 series tires are more than an inch smaller in diameter. Aside from looking weird it will probably throw off your speedometer and all the other systems that depend on accurate speed info.
  7. downpipe, exhaust, & Intake tune gains

    Those Toyo's are definitely NOT recommended for the conditions you describe.
  8. Flex Fuel Install check engine

    How can you have a flex fuel kit without a tune?
  9. Best catted downpipe ??

    I think this topic should be changed to Cheapest Catted Downpipe. Everyone seems to be hung up on price. The "best" one, in my mind, is the one that flows the most and hence costs the least power.
  10. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    Well, those are certainly the ugliest ones so far.
  11. downpipe, exhaust, & Intake tune gains

    Toyo R888r's 30535/19 on stock wheels eliminate that issue.
  12. downpipe, exhaust, & Intake tune gains

    Amen. Especially in California with 91 octane premium. And because e85 here is exempt from certain taxes it HAS to contain a minimum of 82% ethanol to qualify.
  13. Decent weather finally got a good 1/4 time

    Is there any reason to worry that a second gear launch is any more stressful on the drivetrain than first gear?
  14. Previous Ownership? What did you drive before the Supra?

    2006 Mustang GT, 2009 Shelby GT500, 2013 Boss 302, 2016 GT350. I guess I like Mustangs.
  15. Decent weather finally got a good 1/4 time

    I hear you. I noticed when Babayaga does his roll races he holds it in second and the instant he takes off he flips it into auto.
  16. Decent weather finally got a good 1/4 time

    You can launch in second gear?
  17. Air intakes

    I just finished installing the Cusco Power Brace. Looks great and is likely more effective than factory bars. It cleared my Injen intake by about an inch.
  18. Air intakes

    Maybe a washer under the bar as a spacer?