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  1. A90 Toyota Supra Sighting in the Wild!

    Since you're in the California region, it's recommended that you create a 'spotted' thread in this sub-forum: Edit 1/18: Looks like the posts from the second spotted thread that was recently created has been merged with the main Supra spotting...
  2. 2021 Toyota Supra Reviews Compilation

    Lots of salty YT comments:
  3. 2021 Toyota Supra Reviews Compilation

    Historically, Cup2 tires typically have a 2 second per minute lap advantage over the Pilot Sport tires. This article illustrates the lap time differences between the different tire compounds.
  4. 2021 Toyota Supra Reviews Compilation

    For the TLDR crowd
  5. Limp mode

    How many miles or gallon(s) remain when the low fuel light comes on? I've yet to get the fuel indicator meter to the single bar so I haven't seen the low fuel light yet.
  6. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    Great news! The A91 feels naked and incomplete without its factory rear spoiler
  7. A91 Edition Owners - Do you regret the missing HUD?

    When the HUD features were first unveiled on the 2020MY, I was greatly disappointed that it didn't include a tachometer or shift indicator which would have been a critical benefit on a road course. Though I was initially very surprised that the highest trim version of the 2021MY didn't include...
  8. Official REFRACTION Supra Club Thread

    From talking with the folks at Titan, there are ECUs that can be tuned that have a June 2020 ECU build date but I don't have the specifics on the hard cutoff date (I believe I read on other posts that it might be 6/5). My ECU has a build date of 5/25/2020 so all signs currently point to it...
  9. Official REFRACTION Supra Club Thread

    I'm late to the party on this thread. Here's my A91 which was the first delivered Refraction Blue in the country back in early September. It's been a little over two months of ownership and the Supra is currently under 300 miles. I was going to wait till it reached 1,200 miles before getting a...
  10. Tuners how much risk 2021 07/20 stock tune?+ a ............

    So the CG Precision does use a GESi catalytic converter? I couldn't confirm this when I was doing research on this catted downpipe and assumed it was an off-the-shelf 5" cat. If so, that's great news.
  11. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    I agree. I was just washing the car and every passer-by in my neighborhood complemented the paint color. I took a pic of the A91 as the sun started to set and the Refraction Blue paint looked mesmorizing.
  12. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    It only took 1,000 posts to get to this point. :D Enjoy your new ride!
  13. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    I'm glad you waited it out (especially with you being the first to place a deposit on one). It's been a long journey and wait for most of us that had kept tabs on the development of the MKV Supra throughout the years and anxiously waiting since February for the A91 Edition to be released but...
  14. Toyota Supra spotted testing HARD on the Nürburgring - New Engine?

    Curb weight difference between the two vehicles will be a huge factor and selling point (2021 M3 is estimated to be in the 3850-3900 lb curb weight range while the GRMN Supra will likely shed 100-150 lbs off the regular Supra's 3350-3400 lb curb weight with the use of carbon fiber panels and...
  15. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    The A91 Refraction Blue Supra that Titan recently tuned had a build date of 6/2020 with the ECU being fully tunable.
  16. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    I recently picked up my 2021 Supra and noticed that it also won't rev while in park on certain occasions. I assumed it was a safety feature to protect the engine or turbos if you try to rev after a cold start or semi-cold start which seems to be when this occurs for me. Now your post makes me...
  17. A91 & Recent 2021 Impossible to Tune / ECU manufactured after 2020/6 is locked?

    My A91 Edition Supra has a build date of June 2020. Makes me wonder if my ECU barely missed the cutoff timeframe of July 2020 if this was the start of the revised/locked ECUs.
  18. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    For those waiting on their A91, here's a rear shot angle to look forward to as there hasn't been any close-up booty shots in this thread. :spaz:
  19. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    Can't forget the most sought after feature of the A91 trim. :p
  20. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    I find the Refraction Blue to be mesmerizing (it received lots of stares as I returned back from the dealership and drove through my neighborhood).