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  1. 2020 Absolute Zero LE #204 For Sale Price Drop

    My still be for sale then, I may even pull it down. I don’t wanna go any lower and may even keep it. Stay in touch.
  2. For Sale Titan Catless DP with O2 Spacer 300.00

    300.00 and I will cover shipping within lower 48 of the states.
  3. For Sale Titan Catless DP with O2 Spacer 300.00

    Trading my car into the dealer and they want it returned to stock. The Titan DP (and spacer) have about 3,000 miles on them. I have had the O2 spacer on it since install and have never had any warning lights. Will ship in original package. Retail on DP is 299 Retail on spacer is 145
  4. 2020 Absolute Zero LE #204 For Sale Price Drop

    Thanks, was able to update the title! Yeah, I have a hard time staying with any 1 cat longer than about a’s my addiction. No, it isn’t an AMG. I am buying it from a smaller dealership that gets 1 G550 a year. When I asked how long I would have to wait for an AMG, they said they...
  5. 2020 Absolute Zero LE #204 For Sale Price Drop

    PRICE DROP: 48.5k (Update: My G-wagon arrived earlier than anticipated and I dont want to drive the Supra 1000 miles in the snow for the trade-in...) 2020 Toyota Supra Launch Edition #204 Mileage: 4,600 #204 of 1500-W/Drivers Assist Package I purchased it new last year from Toyota...
  6. New 2020 headlamp recall

    Thanks for the instructions, my closest dealer is 2 hours away. I was recently at the dealer getting my first Toyota care oil change performed, as my wife had some medical stuff being done in the city, so I figured I would get the recall taken care of. I called the dealership ahead of time...
  7. Oil Change Walk-Through with Pics

    I will update the thread.
  8. Oil Change Walk-Through with Pics

    Thanks for the great feedback. The “Supra” oil was not commercially available at the time I did the change. This is what was recommended. Others have switched brands all together, others aren’t changing until 10k don’t have a heart attack, I think my car will survive.
  9. Catless Downpipe CEL

    Yes, but they confirm that before sending it out. They are just trying to operate within the law. I live on the Canadian border and was hoping that would get me around the issue. It didn’t, but the 02 extender has been good for me.
  10. Catless Downpipe CEL

    Older JB4 software could suppress the cel. In order to stay legal, they no longer offer that on newer software, unless your country (Canada) doesn’t require it. That is the did in the past prevent a light, new JB4s and those with updated software will not suppress the light...
  11. Catless Downpipe CEL

    did you pull the gasket out of the old pipe and insert it in the new DP?
  12. Catless Downpipe CEL

    I have the same codes, for last 1000 miles or so...never threw a light.
  13. Oil Change Walk-Through with Pics

    I don’t know if it is the cheapest, I just ordered mine of Amazon. TOYOTA Case of 12 Quarts Full Synthetic 0W-20 Oil
  14. Oil Change Walk-Through with Pics

    This is the one I bought and use, seems fine to me. 32mm Low Profile Oil Filter...
  15. Oil change

    Just some cheap plastic ones...lowered wouldn’t have made a difference the way I did it. I jacked up the car and put the ramp under the wheels. I had a low profile jack. If you are lowered, you will definitely need a low profile jack.
  16. Video/Screen Mirroring....

    Ya, it has always worked with droids.